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Dual SIM

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Viewsonic reveals world's first Ice Cream Sandwich dual-SIM smartphones (UPDATED)

By - February 27, 2012 1 Picture
ViewSonic has taken a new range of dual-SIM Android smartphones to Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, that includes the successor to last year's V350 smartphone - the ViewPhone 3. Two of the brand new phones will run on the latest flavor of Google's Android mobile operating platform, codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich. The company hasn't given away too much in the way of detail, but read on for what we do know. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Viewsonic unveils world’s first Dual-SIM Froyo smartphone

By - February 21, 2011 3 Pictures
Those that like to keep their business and personal lives separate know that two SIMs are better than one. To that end Viewsonic has unveiled the world’s first Dual-SIM Android Froyo smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2011. The Viewsonic V350 is aimed at businesses looking to provide staff with a device that can offer separate numbers and bills for personal and business use, travelers looking to reduce roaming costs while retaining access to their regular number, or just regular consumers looking to take advantage of different deals from different network providers. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Dual-SIM mobile eliminates the need to carry two phones

By - September 11, 2007 1 Picture
September 11, 2007 Plenty of people these days have multiple SIM cards for their mobile phones; business and personal, personal and VERY personal, different SIM cards for better rates at night, or in foreign countries. Matsunichi’s D620 is among a small number of mobile phones coming out that can handle two SIM cards at once – meaning you can choose which number you dial out from, and receive calls to both numbers. Read More

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