Expandable sponge-filled syringe that stems bleeding cleared for civilian use

A fast-acting medical device developed for emergency treatment of a gunshot or other penetrating wound on the battlefield has been cleared for civilian use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The XStat 30 is a plastic syringe that can stop severe bleeding within around 20 seconds through the injection of small sponges into a wound, and will now be available for use by the general population.Read More

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Color changing dressing to indicate infections

Wounding yourself can be bad enough, but having to regularly remove the dressing to check for infection can be painful and can also compound things by exposing the wound and giving germs the chance to enter. Now researchers have developed a new material for dressings and plaster that changes color if an infection arises, making it possible to check wounds without changing the dressing.Read More


Fiber nanogenerators give new meaning to the term 'Power Dressing'

If engineers at the University of California have their way, "Power Dressing" could be back in vogue. However, instead of 80’s-style shoulder pads the engineers have been creating energy-scavenging nanofibers. These nano-sized generators could one day be woven into clothing and textiles to harness the energy created through normal body movements to power mobile electronic devices.Read More


Dissolving wound dressing could vastly improve treatment for burns victims

In today’s environment of advanced medical treatments where high success rates are achieved in amazingly delicate operations that until recently weren’t thought possible, a staggering 70 percent of people with severe burns still die from related infections. It is hoped that a revolutionary new wound dressing developed at Tel Aviv University (TAU) could cut that number dramatically.Read More


WoundStat dressing compound cleared for battlefield use

September 24, 2007 A potentially lifesaving new type of dressing compound has been approved for use by the FDA. WoundStat is a lightweight, pre-mixed, compound that stems high-pressure bleeding in moderate to severe wounds and is ideal for combat situations due to its portability and ability to be be applied on the spot. Like the Integrated Tourniquet Clothing System covered recently on Gizmag, the development provides another avenue of relief for what remains a major cause of death on the battlefield - bleeding to death. Read More


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