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DJI Innovations

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DJI's new Matrice 100 drone avoids obstacles and flies for 40 minutes at a time

By - June 8, 2015 10 Pictures

Getting to grips with piloting a drone can involve a steep and expensive learning curve. How these vehicles can be made to avoid crashing into stuff is a question that has plagued the technology from the outset. But the world's largest drone maker DJI says it has now developed a solution. Simply called Guidance, its obstacle avoidance system integrates with its new developer-focused Matrice 100 quadcopter and promises to make busted rotor-blades a thing of the past.

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eBumper4 sonar system can be retrofitted to popular drones to avoid collisions

By - March 12, 2015 4 Pictures
It may not be as glamorous as building vehicles that go faster, fly higher or shoot more beautiful images, but making drones less likely to crash into walls and people's faces is pretty critical to advancing the technology all the same. One company working on this problem is the team at Panoptes, which has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for eBumper4, an obstacle avoidance system that can be slapped on two of the more popular consumer drones to stop them running into things. Read More
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Review: Phantom 2 Vision+ – the world's best selling camera drone

By - March 6, 2015 15 Pictures
DJI's US$1100 Phantom 2 Vision+ is the best selling camera drone on the market – and with good reason. It's a relatively affordable, relatively friendly and relatively easy to fly quadcopter that arrives nearly fully assembled and is easy enough for a beginner to operate straight out of the box, even if we recommend you fly something cheaper first to get the hang of things. It has a decent quality, tilt-controllable camera that shoots 1080p HD video footage and 14 megapixel photos, and the camera delivers smooth footage thanks to a multi-axis stabilizing gimbal. But it has a bunch of other tricks up its sleeve. Gizmag spends a few weeks with the latest 2015 version of the #1 consumer camera drone. Read More
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Shift handles the camera work for drone pilots

By - February 25, 2015 6 Pictures
Although camera-equipped drones have opened up all sorts of film-making possibilities, trying to simultaneously control the aircraft and the camera movements can definitely be challenging. That's why Perceptiv Labs developed Shift. It's a system that allows a DJI or 3D Robotics quadcopter's motorized camera to automatically keep a tagged subject centered in the frame, letting the user concentrate on flying. Read More

Drone-maker DJI announces support for Micro Four Thirds lens standard

Chinese drone-maker DJI has jumped aboard an interchangeable lens alliance, promising aerial photography enthusiasts greater flexibility when shooting from the sky. Pledging its support for the Micro Four Thirds System standard could see new DJI drones come equipped with a greater range of cameras and lens types, while also allowing pilots to slap on their own. Read More
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DJI firmware update makes the White House a drone no-fly zone

By - February 2, 2015 1 Picture
Following the crash-landing of a drone on the grounds of the White House last week, the Chinese manufacturer of said drone, DJI, has released new firmware to prevent overzealous pilots flying UAVs anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Available to download now for owners of the company's popular Phantom 2 drones, the update signals a willingness from the company to work with regulators to clear the air for safer drone flight. Read More

DJI mount lets users transfer stabilized 4K camera from drone to hand

Like the cameras on several other drones, the 4K/30fps unit on DJI's new Inspire 1 is gimbal-mounted. This not only allows users to remotely pan and tilt, but it also automatically keeps the camera level as the quadcopter itself tips back and forth. Now, DJI is planning on offering a handheld mount, which the Inspire 1's camera – gimbal and all – can be mounted on after being removed from the drone. Read More
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DJI announces 4K-shooting, landing-gear-raising Inspire 1 drone

By - November 13, 2014 10 Pictures
Although DJI Innovations is best-known for its line of "prosumer" Phantom quadcopters, it also makes a professional-use multicopter called the Spreading Wings. Among other things, that model features landing gear that folds up while the aircraft is in flight, so it won't get in the shot of the user's undercarriage-mounted video camera. Now, DJI has announced its new Inspire 1 quadcopter, which combines aspects of both the Phantom and the Spreading Wings. Read More

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