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A prominent analyst sees shipments of tablets passing those of laptops today

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in 2010, reactions were mixed. Skeptics said it was just a huge iPod touch, and would be Apple's first hardware failure in years. Less than three years later, that day stands as one of the most pivotal in tech history. The proof? On Black Friday, the iPad-led tablet market may pass laptops in North America.  Read More

Portable computing appears to be coming of age

The era of ubiquitous communication AND computing is fast approaching with the latest DisplaySearch data predicting global netbook sales will double to 33 million units from 2008 to 2009 while traditional Notebook sales (those with displays 12.1” and larger) will be flat (129 million units), year-on-year for the first time ever. With smart phone sales running at 33 million units a quarter according to Gartner Group, more than half the portable computers being sold across the globe this year will have screens smaller than 12 inches.  Read More

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