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Xbox 360 gets DivX/XviD playback, we put it to the test

The Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard Update arrived overnight, and added a long list of new functionality - although the one thing most people are interested in is the relatively unexpected arrival of DivX/XviD playback. We've spent the morning messing about with it to bring you the lowdown... because we figured your boss wouldn't call watching videos "work."Read More

Home Entertainment

Denon’s new S-302 promises big sound in a compact package

November 8, 2007 Technology has proven time and time again that bigger isn’t always better, and that seems to be a view that audio/video specialist Denon subscribes to with the introduction of the S-302 compact Smart Theatre system - a little unit that promises a big sound and a wide array of features crammed into its compact body. Denon says the S-302 creates a true surround sound experience from just two speakers and a subwoofer (2.1), a feat that usually requires a 5.1 channel speaker system. The unit’s built-in 1080p DVD/CD player will scale content - including up-conversion from all analogue sources - to 1080p outputting via HDMI and also perform I/P conversion from interlaced to Progressive Scan from all video sources. Read More

Spy Gear

Bluetooth enabled DVR pen

November 6, 2007 Details are still scarce on this upcoming DVR pen that crams a wireless, low-power, digital video recorder - including microphone – into a 0.55 x 5.7inch (1.4 x 14.5cm) form that also works as - yes - a pen. Although the specs are not yet finalized, the device is expected to capture real-time video at 30 fps (320x240) with the ability to activate based on a motion detection system that allows for five different sensitivity levels along with the ability to select specific areas and send an alarm wirelessly to a remote site in the event that motion is detected. There’s also an audio detection capability that triggers the sound recorder and the media is flash memory or Micro SD, with Bluetooth wireless transfer back to PDAs or PCs included.Read More

Home Entertainment

Helios Labs takes the PC out of network media centers

October 23, 2007 Looking to improve the usability of networking media hubs while retaining their flexibility and functionality, Helios Labs have taken the PC out and kept the media center with the announcement of the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a networking media hub capable of streaming content to multiple network media players, such as Helios Labs X-Line players, as well as any UPnP-enabled devices. The Odyssey supports up to 1TB storage capacity, features a fan-less, passive cooling design and will be the centerpiece of the company's focus on a PC-free home entertainment solution.Read More

Digital Cameras

ATC 2K Waterproof Action Cam for outdoor adventurers

October 15, 2007 The ATC 2K Waterproof Action Cam is a ruggedized, fully contained device that delivers full color digital video in three resolutions - from 640 x 480 to 160 x 120 - at either 30 frames per second for smooth playback or 15 frames per second to increase recording time. Released in the US late last year, theATC 2K has now reached Australian shores at a cost of AUD$199. Read More

Mobile Technology

IEye concept aims to increase Personal Media Player functionality

September 21, 2007 Out with the old and in with the new. That’s the standard approach to keeping pace with rapid developments in consumer electronics. But what if there was a way to delay obsolescence and extend the functionality of devices instead of automatically relegating them to landfill. This is the idea behind the IEye concept by Thomas Miller. Presented as an entry in to the “Create the Future Contest”, the concept proposes extending the life of Personal Media Players by attaching an add on device that includes a video still camera and microphone to boost functionality and re-purpose the existing unit.Read More


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