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Digital signage

If you've longed to be the star of a manga comic, here's your chance to punch, jump and kick your way into one. Shirai Lab's Manga Generator turns any pose you strike into a comic panel in real time with the help of a Kinect sensor, adding backgrounds, props, speech bubbles and sound effects to convey the emotion you want to express. After a couple of minutes you're given a single-page multi-panel comic that features your image, fancifully rendered manga-style throughout. Read More
Engineers from Burton Inc. in Japan have rolled out a "True 3D" display, which evolved from work begun five years previously by teams at Keio University and Japan's national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). While most 3D displays available today involve a form of optical illusion that depends on the parallax or disparity inherent in human binocular vision, this new system, which can function in air or under water, needs no screen of any sort, and the effect is quite impressive. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric will unveil a huge, 19.7 foot (6 m) wide OLED globe at Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on June 11. Billed as the world’s first large-scale spherical OLED screen, "Geo-Cosmos" is made up of an aluminum frame covered with 10,362 tiny OLED panels, each measuring 3.7 x 3.7 inches. The sphere will display images of clouds and other views of the Earth coming from a meteorological satellite as it hangs almost 60 feet (18 m) above the museum floor. Read More
Better known for its high-end digital projection systems, Christie has launched its MicroTiles digital display units which can be stacked like building blocks to create a visual display wall virtually anywhere there is power. The modular MicroTiles can be used to create an almost seamless digital canvas in almost any size or shape using an entirely new, advanced optical design that produces advanced levels of brightness, contrast and color reproduction. Read More
HP has burst forth and launched a range of multi-touch computing products comprising three new TouchSmart PCs and a fully-functional interactive 42-inch HD digital signage display, the HP LD4200. The company has also upgraded its multi-touch notebook range with new touch features. Read More
Advertising agencies have had increasing difficulty in extending their services into new media, a combination of being unable to monetise their efforts outside the simple main media models and a lack of understanding of the new mediums themselves. With digital signage now becoming increasingly sophisticated and affordable at the same time, cellular digital signage and content delivery specialist MediaTile has announced a series of new programs for advertising agencies to accelerate digital signage deployment and adoption. Announced at the 4th annual Digital Signage Content Strategies Summit this week, the new programs will equip agencies and brands with the knowledge, ability, and tools to create “brand networks” which use digital signs to attract, influence and engage viewers in ‘point-of-sale’ and ‘point-of-wait’ environments. Read More