Digital DJ

The democratization of music is something Gizmag has been watching for some time. Just this year, we've seen software that teaches you to play guitar, drums and the piano (and you can check our music category for much more). Today at IFA 2009, we came across ION Audio's Discover DJ controller, a USD$99 product which turns any PC or Mac into a digital DJ setup. Read More

When CDs replaced vinyl as the DJ format du jour, Pioneer established itself as the club standard with classics like the DJM-600 mixer and the CDJ-1000 CD player. Now that there's a whole generation of DJs coming of age who've never owned a CD in their life, Pioneer's latest bit of kit caters for the digital DJ who can't afford something like the XDJ-AERO. Read More

Wacom has taken an unlikely detour from the digital imaging market to create the nextbeat, a complete digital DJ package with a wireless control unit that can be removed from the base unit, and promises to liberate DJs from the booth - but we're not quite sure how that works when the headphones jack is located on the base unit. Read More
We first covered the Pacemaker portable digital DJ system back in June 2007, and it has since won a number of awards including a CES Innovations and Engineering Award for 2009. A new model targeted at consumers has arrived with a smaller 60GB hard drive, a lower price point (US$550) to match, and one key new feature designed to aid beginner DJs - the ability to beatmatch and synchronize two songs with a single button press, and get straight to the fun stuff like EQ, filters, effects and crossfading. Read More
June 5, 2007 We've seen iPod DJ solutions like the Numark iDJ before, but now the next logical step has arrived. The Pacemaker is a 120 GB portable music player that doubles as a fully functional DJ setup, giving it the somewhat bizarre title of the world's first pocket-sized DJ rig. Read More
October 19, 2006 There's a steadily growing number of digital DJ's out there, and after scouring the resultant mass of dedicated MIDI controllers and digital turntables targeted at the market, we think we've found the sexiest solution yet - especially so for people who already own turntables. The oddly named Ms Pinky's even oddlier named "Interdimensional Wrecked System" claims to be the most realistic virtual vinyl system out there. Read More
May 20, 2006 The march of technology appears to have evolved into a sustained run-like-there’s-no-tomorrow sprint, particularly in the field of music. A few months ago, when we saw the first Numark iDJ, we figured it was pretty cool. The problem was that it didn’t have pitch control, which consigned it to the realms of a jukebox rather than a genuine DJ tool. In the space of six months, Numark has addressed all the shortcomings, at least on paper, and completely redesigned the unit with pitch control and two jog/scratch wheels - and now a lone iPod (or any USB storage device) can provide the music instead of the last version’s two iPod requirement. Read More