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Denon's DVD-A1UD Universal Blu-Ray Player.

Denon are planing the release of their ground breaking universal Blu-ray player, the DVD-A1UD, across Europe in March 2009. The term 'universal' refers to the fact that the player is designed to play multiple formats (unfortunately this is not a reference to region-free playback). It joins the award-winning reference class AVP-A1HDA pre-amplifier and the POA-A1HD 10-channel power amplifier in the company’s flagship HD home entertainment system.  Read More

S-52 joins Denon’s S series of compact music player

December 19, 2007 Denon has announced the release of the S-52 wireless network CD music system which features the ability to stream audio either via Ethernet or wireless from Internet radio sources, together with other network attached storage devices including computers on the network.  Read More

Denon’s new S-302 promises big sound in a compact package

November 8, 2007 Technology has proven time and time again that bigger isn’t always better, and that seems to be a view that audio/video specialist Denon subscribes to with the introduction of the S-302 compact Smart Theatre system - a little unit that promises a big sound and a wide array of features crammed into its compact body. Denon says the S-302 creates a true surround sound experience from just two speakers and a subwoofer (2.1), a feat that usually requires a 5.1 channel speaker system. The unit’s built-in 1080p DVD/CD player will scale content - including up-conversion from all analogue sources - to 1080p outputting via HDMI and also perform I/P conversion from interlaced to Progressive Scan from all video sources.  Read More

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