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Review: EsCargo electric cargo bike is one heck of a strange ride

I've tested some strange and wonderful vehicles over the last year or two, but this has to be one of the weirdest experiences I've had in a long time. It turns everything I know about handling a motorcycle on its head. The EsCargo is a cargo-carrying electric delivery bike prototype with a unique double-knuckle front suspension and steering system the puts the front wheel more than a meter (3.3 ft) in front of you, giving it some very odd steering dynamics and thoroughly confusing my motorcycling brain. We caught up with inventor Oscar Fehlberg in Melbourne, Australia.Read More

Around The Home

uCella upsizes the connected mailbox for online shoppers

In the last few years we've seen a succession of connected letterboxes designed to modernize your mail by tracking incoming deliveries. But as the amount of shopping being done online continues to grow, so too does the size of the packages we need our mailboxes to regularly handle. One US company is looking to answer the call, with a smart, wall-mounted container that secures big packages as they are dropped off, and can even help arrange for their return.Read More

Amazon goes Uber with Flex delivery service

Amazon has launched a new means of delivering its packages. No, it's not by drones just yet. Instead, Amazon Flex will let individuals deliver packages in their local area, using a similar model to Uber or Nimber. To begin, they'll just need their own car and an Android smartphone.
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