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Data Recovery

— Digital Cameras

HyperDrive Album: portable photo viewing and up to 640GB of storage

By - February 25, 2010 2 Pictures
Sanho’s HyperDrive Album is designed for digital photographers on the move who require huge storage space or redundancy backup for their photos and the ability to view them anytime, but don’t want to lug a laptop computer around. With capacities of up to a whooping 640GB of storage the device is also capable of downloading 2GB per minute with full data verification. Read More
— Computers

US$200 Data Destroyer Device Stops Information Theft on Discarded Discs

By - May 31, 2005 1 Picture
UPDATED June 1, 2005 The potential for the theft of data or sensitive business information via CD-ROMs being thrown in the trash is very realistic - garbage screening is a rudimentary and commonly-used industrial espionage technique. And despite their seeming vulnerability, you'd be surprised what you can get off a CD-ROM using data recovery techniques. So what to do? Buy a Data Destroyer Office PRO - the automated desktop device can destroy the information on up to 50 CDs and/or DVDs by pressing a single button. Read More

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