Ergonomic mouse tells you when to take a break

If you use a mouse on a daily basis, you'll know that gripping the little device for all those hours can easily cause discomfort. A crowdfunding project is looking to help, aiming to bring a new ergonomic mouse to market, combining an upright, neutral gripping position with visual signals telling the user to take regular small breaks.Read More


Circuit Classics revive a golden age of electronics design

Aside from being a treasure trove of information for budding electronics engineers from the 1980s on, the down-to-earth style of Forrest M. Mims' Engineers' Notebook and Getting Started in Electronics series of books was a large part of their appeal. Now a crowdfunding project is looking to bring back some of that original charm by producing a limited set of working circuit boards in the Mims' style, replete with accompanying explanations and a wooden stand to display these electronic works of art.Read More


T8 puts music creation at your fingertips

Tapping out rhythms with your fingers can help relieve boredom in the workplace or each hit could sound out some must-dance-to electronica, depending on whether you're using a desk or a pad controller. Like Onyx Ashanti's impressive Beatjazz Hands, the T8 from Remidi puts wireless control of digital music in the hands of the performer, but without all those bulky 3D-printed components. The system comprises a sensor-packed glove and a tech-filled wristband that wirelessly connects to a laptop or mobile device running music creation software.Read More


Motus allows players to bow an invisible violin

Though Onyx Ashanti's Beatjazz controller or McGill University's Instrumented Bodies are pleasing to eyes and ears, making music creation part of the performance or dance routine doesn't necessarily mean also having to look like a cyborg. Paris-based phonotonic, for example, turned motion into music last year by pairing a handheld device with a smart device running an app. The Motus from TZM Creative Lab out of Lithuania also facilitates the creation of sound from motion, allowing its users to electrify the room by strumming an air guitar, bash an imaginary drum set to within an inch of its life, key a grand concert piano while walking around the stage or play an invisible violin.Read More

Jekies Glovebag simplifies pooch poop pickup

Anyone who owns a dog knows that picking up after it isn't the high point of pet ownership. This unholy alliance of dog and doo has led many an inventor to seek an alternative to the standard plastic bag. The Jekies Glovebag is one that could make getting rid of your dog’s number two a bit easier.Read More

Licensed replacement cases to give Amiga 1200s that new computer look

For proud owners of aging Amiga 1200s, it may seem there's little to be done about the now faded, yellowing plastic that houses these early home computers. But a group of spirited enthusiasts is now turning to Kickstarter, where Frenchman Philippe Lang is offering backers shiny replacement cases to restore the beloved machines to their former glory.Read More


Robo Wunderkind is a modular robot even a five-year-old can program

Minecraft has partly replaced Lego bricks as a creative platform for young tinkerers, but while it is a fantastic avenue for training computer and block-building skills, Mojang's hit videogame also does little to improve handcrafting. Robo Wunderkind, from the German "wonder child," is a modular toy that promises to marry the old with the new by letting even the youngest hands and minds (aged five and up) build and program their own robot creations.Read More


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