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Cricut Explore could be the offspring of a printer and a paper cutter

By - January 23, 2014 5 Pictures
If you're a crafter, then it's quite likely that you spend a lot of time cutting intricate designs out of materials like paper, cloth or poster board. While it certainly adds to the artistic merit of the project if you do everything by hand, the fact is that not everyone has the necessary manual dexterity – or simply the talent. Well, before too long, such people will be able to make use of the Cricut Explore electronic cutting machine. Read More
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Pixit lets you customize your own rubber stamp, pixel by pixel

By - April 22, 2013 6 Pictures
If you've ever perused the rubber stamp section of a crafts store, then you know how pricey it would be to purchase just a handful of stamps, which could only print a limited number of images. That's why some intrepid designers at Quirky developed the Pixit, a reusable rubber stamp kit that allows you to create your own design and then change it to a completely different one whenever you want. Read More
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iHelecopters releases iPhone-controlled Mini Brick car kits

By - April 12, 2013 10 Pictures
Smartphone-controlled toys: we are not strangers to them at Gizmag. Rocket launchers, drones and maze-solving thingummyjigs are all very well, but creative sorts may prefer something they can build from scratch. The new iPhone-controlled Mini Brick Car and Van from would seem to meet the brief, being brick kits with which one can build any number of wheeled vehicles to crash into the furniture. Read More

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