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Covini to produce hybrid Speedster version of six-wheeled supercar

Covini is testing a new petrol-electric hybrid "speedster" version of the new 434 bhp V8 C3A. In testing, the track-only hybrid is apparently proving to be extremely fast with excellent braking and handling. The six-wheelTyrell P34 Formula One car won an F1 race before it was banned, so the logical benefits of four-front-wheels (reduced high speed lift and improved aerodynamics, more rubber, more braking power and more grip, particularly in treacherous conditions) are once again being validated.  Read More

US$400,000 Covini six-wheeled supercar set for production

It feels like we’ve been awaiting this car for almost too long. We first wrote up the Covini C6W supercar in 2004 and the production version was unveiled in Bologna earlier this month. The four 15 inch front wheels of the 185 mph C6W (pics on left) are inspired by the Tyrell P34 F1 car (top right), but the rationale for four front-wheels was first detailed in a landmark Ford concept car shown at the World Fair in 1963 – the Seattle-ite's specification still stands up nearly half a century later - interchangeable fuel cell power units, interchangeable bodies, computer navigation and information systems, and four driving and steering wheels. That's it bottom right.  Read More

Covini's six wheeled sportscar

Covini is a name which is not well known in automotive circles outside of Italy - that's almost certain to change thanks to the small company's latest design - a six wheel sports car along similar engineering lines to the famous Tyrrell P34 Formula One racing car of the mid-seventies. The six wheeled design offers many advantages over a conventional design as it offers more traction for cornering and braking and minimises the risks associated with tyre punctures and aquaplaning. The P34 experienced a host of development issues which technology has since solved. Covini's car certainly looks the business - in the go-department it is powered by an Audi 4.2 litre V8 motor (283.4 kw / 380 bhp @ 6400 rpm) which powers it to a top speed of 300 kmh.  Read More

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