Ford GT gets hybrid Gorilla Glass windshield

In an industry first, Ford and Corning have integrated a lightweight hybrid windshield technology to improve performance and handling without compromising safety. The three-piece safety glass incorporates Corning's existing Gorilla Glass – more commonly associated with mobile device screens – and will be featured in the Ford GT supercar.Read More

Self-disinfecting mobile displays could be less than two years away

According to a study conducted for Which? magazine in 2010, the surface of the average mobile phone contains 18 times the amount of harmful bacteria as a flush lever in a mens’ public toilet. Other studies have come up with other numbers, but the phone always comes out the dirtier of the two. To that end, Corning is now developing antimicrobial glass, which may be killing germs on your phone’s display within two years. Read More


Corning introduces laser fiber optic USB cable

Digital systems are notorious for bottlenecks. It’s no good having a blazing, overclocked PC and an internet connection like a firehose if the USB cable between them is like a straw. It’s even worse when the distance between PC and modem is more than a few feet away, so the cable can’t reach. With the aim of eliminating these bottlenecks, Corning Cable Systems LLC is unveiling its Optical Cable by Corning at CES in Las Vegas. These cables replace copper wires with fiber optics to produce cables up to 100 meters (328 ft) long, that are much more durable and achieve speeds of 10 gigabits per second, which is enough to load a full-length HD video in 30 seconds.Read More


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