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Concept Boat

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Orsos Island - the smallest personal floating island yet in a fast growing market

The concept of a floating island has been with us throughout history, but sprang back into the limelight just four years ago when Wally Yachts came up with an island-themed megayacht named the Wally Island. At an estimated US$200 million, the Wally Island was not designed for the common man, but the concept appears to have ignited a flurry of activity in the marine industry, with new designs focused on a comfortable movable living space that breaks the naval architectural mold. Now an Austrian-based company intends to manufacture much smaller, tailor made miniature floating islands, at a fraction of the cost. Read More
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Gian Paolo Nari unveils NPe75 mega expedition yacht concept

By - February 13, 2012 28 Pictures
Billionaire oligarchs, ahoy! Designer Gian Paolo Nari has been in touch to tell us about his NPe75 mega-yacht design. The 75-meter (246-ft) vessel incorporates not only a helipad, but also a hangar to accommodate your preferred flying machine. The design has actually been reduced in size from 85 meters (279 ft) to make it marginally less impossible to dock - a decision made easier by the omission of a second helipad in the bow, which was deemed impractical due to the bow movement typical of such vessels. Read More
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Thierry Mugler's 100mph Spire Powerboat Concept

By - August 9, 2011 17 Pictures
Provocative French designer Thierry Mugler's star has risen and fallen many times in thirty years of international prominence, though he seems to be back in vogue right now thanks to uber-fans Lady Gaga and Beyonce. For someone who has designed perfumes and fashion collections with a strong fetishist bent, he's certainly produced a remarkable effort in reimagining the 100 mph Spire powerboat with electric coupe roof. Not much information will be available on Mugler's design until the Monaco Yacht show next month, but it already represents some wonderful new and fresh thought on powerboat design. Read More
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Themed superyacht concept features fully functional ‘Monaco Grand Prix’ go kart circuit

By - February 10, 2011 6 Pictures
If you want a superyacht that really stands out at the next annual billionaires meeting then why not give it a theme? Yacht Island Design thinks there’s a market for such vessels and has set about developing several themed yacht concepts. The first is "The Streets of Monaco," a 155 m (508.5 ft) long yacht that looks to “reflect the style and sophistication of the principality” and includes a fully functional go kart circuit that recreates the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit along with other Monaco landmarks. Read More
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Cutting-edge Concept Boat competition entries displayed

By - January 5, 2006 5 Pictures
Organisers of the Concept Boat competition recently revealed the 16 finalists that are a step closer to receiving the coveted crown of Concept Boat winner 2004. The shortlisted designs were displayed at the Southampton (UK) Boat Show from 10-19 September 2004. Concept Boat is the annual competition to design a boat of the future run by the British Marine Federation and supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects. This year, sponsored by the Environment Agency, judges challenged entrants from around the world to design a recreational or commercial craft that either makes increased use of renewable resources, are energy efficient or are of a low emission or non-polluting design. Read More
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Concept Boat of the year winners

By - February 11, 2005 4 Pictures
February 12, 2005 The winner of the 2004 Concept Boat of the Year competition is 'Dynaplane', a futuristic powerboat, an extremely energy-efficient design that offers significant potential to reduce emissions, yet maintains the ability to achieve high speeds. The design offers reduced fuel consumption and the possibility of using alternative fuel sources such as a fuel cell. Read More

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