Computer Human Interface

Computers are shrinking, and new display technologies will enable professionals to wear an interface to critical information whilst they go about everyday business. Already military personnel, surgeons, pilots, and aircraft engineers are using them. Follow our links to the newest of these productivity aids. Read More
More than just a cinema-on-your-face, the expanding range of Olympus Eye-Trek head-mounted displays are finding a myriad of surprising 'real world' applications. Developed primarily for use with DVD and gaming consoles, the Eye-Trek - which includes the FMD-200, FMD-250W and the Sony Playstation2 compatible FMD-20P - has found its way into dentists chairs and F1 simulators as well as being used for virtual reality VR training and simulation, entertainment and educational purposes. Read More
The Essential Reality P5 glove fits over the hand and senses all its movements in three dimensions, becoming the interface to your PC or game console. Read More
Sports sunglasses that incorporate a heads-up display, wrist-worn PDAs with voice control and intelligent pens that store a digital copy of your handwriting - these devices will form part of an integrated family of wearable devices under development by Motorola and frog design Read More
A bay window that's also a home entertainment centre, invisible insect screens, downloading recipes to the kitchen window or watching TV on the same "screen" while washing the dishes... Read More
Clothes have done much more than serve as protection from the weather for tens of thousands of years. Over the last few millennia they've been worn as statements of rank and fashion, adapted for countless specialised uses from military combat to surfing and bee-keeping, cut and tailored in every conceivable shape, colour, size and fabric, and become signposts for entire cultures. Along the way clothing manufacture has embraced and developed many new innovations, and it seems a natural progression for micro-electronics and other emerging 21st century technologies to find their way into our wardrobes next to the zip-off tracksuit pants and the Moon-boots. The result: clothes are getting smarter.Smart clothing will both enhance its primary role as body covering and extend its functionality to keep us connected, entertained, relaxed, safe and healthy. Fabrics and designs with built in temperature control mechanisms will merge with invisible add-ons like mobile phones and MP3 players, sophisticated medical monitoring systems integrated into shirts will save lives and clothes may even provide us with our daily vitamin supplement. Read More
Sixty years after the humble biro was invented, a breakthrough technology looks set to extend its working life for decades perhaps centuries to come. Swedish based Anoto has developed a natural writing interface for the computer. Read More
A new SureType keyboard layout from Research In Motion (RIM) is drawing praise for its effectiveness and appears to have hit a usability sweet spot for mobile devices in the candy bar form factor. SureType is a viable contender to become the next generation interface for the mobile phone sized device. The SureType keyboard design incorporates a QWERTY keyboard layout and a prominent numerical phone keypad and allows easy one-handed phone dialing. Through an integrated keyboard and software system, SureType provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and allows them to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably. Read More
Saturday August 9, 2003: Taste is the last frontier of virtual reality according to the inventors of the Food Simulator- a haptic interface that mimics the taste, sound and feeling of chewing real food. Currently at demonstration stage, the project by researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan utilizes a mechanical linkage designed to fit to the mouth... Read More