Hole in the ground wins skyscraper competition

Imagine standing on the edge of New York's Central Park and looking down into a 1.3-sq mile (3.4-sq km) sunken expanse of mountains and lakes. This is the award-winning concept dreamt up by Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu, who have envisioned digging down to the bedrock of the park to create a more natural landscape.Read More

Drive Efficient tells you how to stay appy with fuel consumption

We're all familiar with cars telling us how to get somewhere, but what about telling us how to do so efficiently? That's the idea behind the Drive Efficient app, which triumphed in Ford's SYNC AppLink Developer Challenge Dublin. The software provides visual and audio advice to drivers for frugal fuel use.Read More


NASA crowdsources spacesuit durability testing

We know from our experiences on the Moon that EVA suits undergo significant abrasion and wear over the course of a mission, and with NASA's eyes fixed firmly on a mission to Mars, the next generation of spacesuits will be thrown into the unknown. In an effort to establish how they will perform, NASA has announced a competition soliciting ideas on how to test the durability of fabrics with the potential to be used in its next-gen space suits.Read More


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