Smart paddle coaches kayakers

Sea kayaking is like a lot of other activities, in that just because you enjoy doing it, doesn't mean you're doing it right. If you aren't out there with more experienced kayakers, though, how will you know what to change? Well, that's where Motionize Paddle comes in. It's a system that uses your smartphone to assess and improve your paddling.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

This "intelligent coaching space" lets you see your crummy exercise form from all angles

Researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany have developed a virtual coaching system that promises to help athletes improve performance and treat mobility issues due to injury or illness. Called the ICSPACE (short for intelligent coaching space), the system uses a virtual avatar, 3D stereoscopic glasses, and reflective markers to allow the user to raise awareness about and fine-tune their own movement habits.Read More


Bespoke Coach 144 Sprinter van is all about chauffeured luxury

California's Bespoke Coach used the recent LA Auto Show to reveal its latest luxury van. The 144 Executive Coach is a smaller, less expensive alternative to its full-size Sprinter 170 coach, but the new model doesn't slouch on comfort or luxury. The van comes stuffed with everything from custom-made recliners, to a built-in bar, to an entertainment system with dual LED TVs and available Apple TV and DirecTV.
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What if a smartwatch could help you shoot (a little more) like Stephen Curry?

Few of us have access to a professional coach to help hone our basketball technique, but now sports technology company Onyx Motion hopes you can at least get a decent proxy. Their upcoming smartwatch app, Swish, will analyze your shots and provide tips to improve them, along with a few words of wisdom here and there from veteran NBA shooting guard Ben Gordon as well as other pro players.Read More


SmartMat aspires to be a roll-up yogi

Yoga is definitely one of those activities where it really helps to have someone coaching you through it. That's why people go to group classes, although they usually can't be in a class every time they want to do yoga. Well, that's where the SmartMat is designed to come in. It's a pressure sensor-equipped yoga mat that communicates with the user's mobile device via Bluetooth, to guide them through their sequences.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Cardio First Angel teaches CPR on the job

Performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the first 15 minutes following a heart attack can be a literal lifesaver, greatly increasing the victim's chances of survival. However, many people aren't trained in CPR and even those who are can be hesitant to step up in the vital first minutes that can mean the difference between life and death. The Cardio First Angel CPR coach is a simple mechanical device that guides even an untrained person in properly administering CPR.Read More


Artificial intelligence could determine what plays will win the game

If there’s one thing that sports fans love to debate, it’s coaching strategies. “Why didn’t he keep more players back to play defense?” “How come he had him pass instead of run with it?” “He should never have let that guy bat when the bases were loaded!” Such discussions could seemingly go on forever, as it’s impossible to definitively say what the right course of action would have been... or maybe not. Artificial intelligence researchers at Spain’s Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) are developing technology that could analyze a team’s performance, then objectively determine the best plays for specific situations.Read More

Mobile Technology

FUNTORO infotainment system gets Busworld Asia launch

Busworld Asia was the venue chosen by FUNTORO Inc to announce the launch of its Media On Demand (MOD) Infotainment System on buses manufactured by China's largest professional bus manufacturer. One server can support up to 54 monitors throughout the coach, providing passengers with their own entertainment hub capable of independent output without impacting on fellow travelers.Read More


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