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The 2014 Ford F-150 gets compressed natural gas option

By - August 12, 2013 7 Pictures
Compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles don't get quite as much attention as flashier battery electrics, fuel cell cars and plug-in hybrids, but they are a compelling alternative-fuel option that is available right now. They become even more compelling when they offer dual fuel capabilities. Ford has equipped the 2014 F-150 with such capabilities, calling it the only half-ton pickup truck of its kind. Read More
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VW to put "green" Scirocco GT24 race car to its toughest test

By - April 19, 2009 1 Picture
Motorsport is moving towards establishing green credentials very quickly. Last week we reported on Citroen's hybrid rally car testing and now Volkswagen will field two cars with natural gas engines at the Nürburgring 24-Hour Race on May 23-24. Following the historic one-two victory at the Dakar Rally in January, which Volkswagen won as the first automobile manufacturer using diesel technology in the event, the Wolfsburg brand is now taking on another technical challenge – the use of EcoFuel engines in an endurance test twice around the clock on the world’s most demanding race track. The two Scirocco GT24-CNG 2.0-litre turbo engines powered by natural gas deliver nearly 300hp. Read More
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Toyota CNG-Powered Camry Hybrid

By - November 22, 2008 8 Pictures
November 23, 2008 At a time when America’s auto manufacturers are going cap in hand to the Government for donations to secure their survival, how can there still be such large gaps in the marketplace? Toyota showed a CNG-Powered Camry Hybrid Concept at the LA Auto Show, portending the filling of a gaping hole in the market for a compressed natural gas hybrid. Put simply, in the near future, the demand for liquid petroleum will exceed supply and thanks to one of those immutable laws of commerce, when that happens, petrol will cost a lot more than it does right now. Apart from the potentially reduced running costs and environmental benefits afforded by using CNG over petrol, worldwide natural gas reserves should last until at least 2100 and widespread adoption of CNG could reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil and reduce vehicle operating costs. Read More
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Prototype Compressed Natural Gas Bus

By - May 27, 2006 7 Pictures
May 28, 2006 When we think high tech sustainable automotive transport, the natural direction of thinking heads towards Daimler Chrysler, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, and the established powerhouses of the automotive market which have the turnover to generate the massive R&D budgets needed to explore and commercialise significant new technologies. We can now add another name to that list and it’s one most of our readers won’t know. Kosmo Motor Company Sdn Bhd (Kosmo Motor) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kosmo Technology Industrial Berhad (Kosmo), and was established in July 2005 with the aim of providing reputable and compatible commercial vehicles to the Malaysian market and the world. Yesterday the company announced it would be acquiring a 26 per cent stake in German automotive research and development Company Loremo which produces economically and ecologically friendly cars such as the featherweight 150 mpg Loremo LS and unveiled a prototype city bus chassis to be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show. Read More
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Honda’s Natural Gas-Powered 2006 Civic GX and home refuelling appliance for New York market

By - April 25, 2006 10 Pictures
April 26, 2006 Honda will begin retailing its compressed natural gas (CNG) Civic GX to New York state customers in the northern hemisphere autumn. The Civic GX uses lower-cost CNG as an alternative to gasoline, producing near zero emissions, making owners eligible for significant tax credits, enabling them to drive in the car pool lane and most significantly, enabling them to conveniently refuel at home using a natural gas refueling appliance. Significant advantages are available from the system as natural gas is 25 percent cheaper than gas at a refueling station, and 50 percent cheaper from a home refueling appliance. The “Phill” natural gas home refueling appliance is manufactured by FuelMaker and can be mounted to a wall either indoors or outdoors, and allows the GX to refuel overnight directly from a homeowner’s existing natural gas supply line. It is designed to offer ease of operation with simple “start” and “stop” buttons, and automatically shuts off when the tank is full. Civic GX owners who do not wish to purchase Phill can refuel at commercial natural gas refueling stations. Read More
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MILA Concept car: single seater for the road powered by natural gas

By - September 19, 2005 11 Pictures
September 20, 2005 Magna Steyr has unveiled a new concept vehicle at the IAA 2005. Called the "MILA Concept" (Magna Innovation Lightweight Auto), the single-seater sports car has a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive and is packed with ideas and innovations. The MILA’s technical highlights include an cco-friendly engine that runs on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and thanks to the extremely lightweight monocoque construction, offers extremely sporty performance. Given Magna Steyr’s automotive production expertise, the car has been designed using modular design principles that enable different models to be built (single or two-seater, normal or high-power engine, etc.) without much extra effort, as the components and modules have been developed in advance and optimised in terms of cost and weight. Magna Steyr is confident that natural gas will gain more and more ground as an alternative fuel for road vehicles in the future. A study by the German Automotive Industry Association published in Frankfurt recently came to the conclusion that in Germany alone some two million natural gas vehicles will be licensed in the next 15 years. According to the study, natural gas vehicles could reach a market share of around 4% by the year 2020. Read More

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