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Citroen's Nemo Concetto people carrier Concept

By - December 3, 2007 5 Pictures
December 4, 2007 Citroen will roll-out a concept people carrier version of the company’s soon to be released new compact van at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy (7-16 December). Taking its name and its styling cues from the popular Disney animation "Finding Nemo", the Citroën Nemo Concetto sports the distinctive orange, black and white clownfish color scheme with the theme continuing into the vehicle's interior. Read More
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Citroen lifts wraps on new C5

By - October 18, 2007 10 Pictures
October 19, 2007 Citroen lifted the wraps off the new C5 saloon and estate versions in Paris this week. Designed to convey a real sense of prestige, the C5 includes a range of new features seen for the first time in the C4 Picasso such as a second-generation fixed-centered controls steering wheel, a seat back massage function and a choice of suspension set-ups. Read More
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The Citroen C-Cactus ecological concept car

By - September 3, 2007 28 Pictures
Citroen never fails to produce something special for the major European motor show of the season and this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show will see the unveiling C-Cactus. The concept is a new take on vehicle design, and the Marque's ambitious aim is to market an ecological hatchback with cheerful, attractive styling, equipped with a hybrid HDi drivetrain and sold at the same price as an entry-level C4. To square this complex equation, Citroën is exploring new forms of design. It has decided to abandon features that are not essential to comfort and to focus instead on technology, styling and equipment that are positive, ecological and valued by users. Read More
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Drop-top Citroen C5 Airscape on show in Frankfurt

By - August 21, 2007 5 Pictures
August 21, 2007 Citroën will reveal the new C5 Airscape concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (13th-27th September). At first glance the eye-catching, automatically folding carbon-fibre roof is the striking feature of the executive cabriolet, which also aims to showcase innovative, environmentally friendly technology including an “UrbanHybrid” management system and enhanced traction control. Read More
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Loeb and Citroen back on top at Rally of Mexico

By - March 11, 2007 20 Pictures
March 12, 2007 Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) took the Rally of Mexico today to become the first driver of the season to win two races, moving his own points score to within 4 points of Marcus Gronholm’s lead in the drivers' standings. Loeb’s 30th career victory was the first win on gravel for the new C4 car and he maintains an air of invincibility in the title chase. In the manufacturers title, a double podium by the BP-Ford World Rally Team saw it defend its sizeable points lead. Marcus Gronholm and Timo Rautiainen finished second in a Ford Focus RS World Rally Car on the demanding three-day gravel event in the mountains of central Mexico, while team-mates Mikko Hirvonen and Jarmo Lehtinen were third in another Focus RS. As the first gravel round of the season, the dominant surface of the championship, Rally Mexico was viewed as the first true form guide for the year. Drivers tackled 20 speed tests covering 366.06km over dusty gravel tracks north and east of the rally base in León. The special stages climbed to more than 2700m and the thinner air at that altitude made it hard for engines to 'breathe'. As a result power output was reduced by about 30 per cent on usual levels. Read More
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Citroen’s six wheel cruise crosser concept

By - March 6, 2007 2 Pictures
March 7, 2007 Citroen has teamed up with the world famous Espera Sbarro School to develop the Cruise Crosser all-terrain concept car. Based on Citroen’s first SUV, the C-Crosser, also making its world debut at Geneva, the new concept features three axles and six wheels to provide outstanding traction to tackle even the harshest of off-road conditions. The vehicle is designed to tackle the roughest possible road and weather conditions. Read More
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Citroen’s new C-Crosser SUV

By - October 26, 2006 2 Pictures
October 27, 2006 Citroen has announced first details of a new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) that will go on sale in Europe from summer 2007. The versatile Citroen C-Crosser boasts four-wheel drive capability, exceptional levels of space and comfort and will will be available with a new generation 156bhp 2.2HDi engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Capable of producing a whopping 380Nm of torque, this diesel power plant also boasts impressive green credentials, offering low fuel consumption, the ability to run on 30% bio-diesel and a Diesel Particulate Filter System that reduces particle emissions to virtually immeasurable levels. Read More
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Renault Nepta joins Citroen C-Metisse in the French Ballet of the doors

By - September 7, 2006 25 Pictures
September 8, 2006 Paris is renowned for the beauty of its springtime, but in autumn the spectacular sites around the beautiful capital are enhanced by the French automotive industry showcase, the Paris Motor Show. And this year the French have debuted some spectacularly elegant egress solutions offering doors that open in new ways. Yesterday we ran news of Citroen’s C-Metisse Concept – a diesel-electric, 4-seater coupe with a spectacular four door ballet command performance when the doors open to present the passengers to the pavement - the front doors open gull-wing style while the rear doors spin round. Now comes Renault’s Nepta concept car, a four-seater cabriolet with an equally dramatic and elegant egress solution in the form of motor-driven gull wing doors that open to reveal the interior and the engine. The doors pivot so high that they are fitted with electronic obstacle detectors. As is befitting the current F1 championship status of Renault, the Nepta is seriously fast with a 3.5-liter V6 powering a seven-speed automatic gearbox via F1-style steering flick-shift. The 420hp direct injection petrol engine combines outstanding performance, with low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Read More
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Citroen's spectacular C-Metisse Concept

By - September 5, 2006 34 Pictures
September 7 2006 Citroen seems to save its best concept cars for its home Paris Show and this year it has unveiled a beauty. The C-Metisse Concept will be seen in the flesh for the first time at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. With its elegant proportions, flamboyant bodywork and spectacular door design, the C-Metisse is an elegant 4-seater 4-door coupe reminiscent of the most prestigious Grand Touring vehicles. The car has a high-performance diesel hybrid drivetrain, excellent aerodynamics and a weight of just 1400 kilograms complete with batteries. C-Metisse is based on the same future-oriented solution as the C4 HDi hybrid demonstration vehicle apart from one key difference: the electric motors are installed in the rear wheels. Looking at C-Metisse is a visual shock in itself. Long (4.74 m), wide (2 m) and low (1.24 m), the car is sculptural and almost intimidating. Read More

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