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Citroen shows off the new C3

By - September 6, 2009 3 Pictures
Citroen’s task in redesigning the best-selling C3 was not an enviable one – how do you better a car that is still selling strongly, with more than two million units on the road. We’ll see the finished product at Frankfurt later this month, but the brand’s new ‘Visiodrive’ certainly looks the goods with its huge windscreen, remarkable interior space and what Citroen claims will be “astonishing” road behavior. Read More
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The UK's first four-seat, all-electric production car goes on sale

By - May 3, 2009 13 Pictures
The first all-electric family car went on sale in the United Kingdom over the weekend. Electric Car Corporation Plc has launched a lithium ion battery-powered, all-electric version of the Citroen C1, called the C1 ev'ie. Unlike the previous largest selling electric vehicle in Britain – the Indian-built Reva G-Wiz, which was legally classed as a quadricycle – the C1 ev’ie is a proper car, albeit a mini car. Read More
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Citroen tests the world’s first hybrid WRC rally car

By - April 10, 2009 14 Pictures
Citroen Racing has started testing its Citroen C4 Hybrid World Rally Car, proving that its technological showcase is much more than just a motor show model and that it is paving the way for low consumption, low emission, low noise motor sport cars of the future. Just hours after winning its fourth World Rally Championship event of the season, Citroen driver Dani Sordo took the new car testing in Portugal. Read More
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What Diesel Car of the Year Awards 2009

By - April 8, 2009 9 Pictures
The UK's What Diesel magazine is celebrating its 21st year of publication and focuses on one of the few growth areas of the automotive market – the diesel world. Each year its writers and readers vote to award the best diesel car in each category and this year the Car of the Year honour has gone to Ford's new “world car” the Ford Fiesta. Jaguar scored the best executive diesel and second overall with the XF, Volkswagen got three awards (Medium car, coupe and the green award), Citroën grabbed two gongs with the C3 Picasso (best MPV) and C5 Tourer (Best Estate Car) and the Land Rover Freelander 2 won the 4x4 class for the third year running. Read More
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2008 Paris Motor Show round-up

By - October 19, 2008 1 Picture
As the curtain falls on the Paris Motor Show for 2008 we take a look back at some of the biggest surprises and brightest innovations to emerge from this massive global automotive extravaganza. As a starting point it's hard to go past Lamborghini, which emulated its 2007 most-talked-about crown by showing its Estoque concept. As a mid-engined four-door coupé with a V10 motor and permanent four-wheel drive, it's not really eco-inspired but a weapon to behold for the family man. Mazda definitely made our short-list for the most striking design with the aerodynamic Kiyora Urban compact and Citroen also floated some compelling concepts including the colorful Hypnos luxury hybrid crossover and the virtual-meets-real-world GTbyCITROEN which will appear on-screen in the next installment of Gran Turismo. Read More
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Citroen takes wraps off Hypnos Concept Car

By - October 9, 2008 17 Pictures
Teaser pics of the Citroën Hypnos first surfaced last month and more details have now been revealed to coincide with the unveiling of the outlandish crossover concept at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Pitched as a hybrid in terms of both technology and styling, the dynamically proportioned Hypnos attempts to marry the elegance of an executive saloon with the volumes of a cross-over while at the same time showcasing the company's HYmotion4 technology - a diesel hybrid drivetrain featuring a rear axle-mounted electric motor which optimizes dynamic performance and traction while keeping fuel consumption down to 4.5 l/100 km (60+mpg) and emissions at 120 g/km of CO2). What really sets the car apart however is the candy-shop "color therapy" interior - sunglasses may be required. Read More
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GTbyCITROEN brings Gran Turismo 5 to life

By - October 2, 2008 7 Pictures
It may be destined for the game console rather than the garage, but the GTbyCITROËN concept is still one of the most outlandish examples of automotive design to emerge from the 2008 Paris Motor Show where it's making its global debut. The car is the result of a collaboration between Citroën and the creators of Gran Turismo and will appear in its virtual form in the 5th installment of the popular Playstation game. The imposing real world version stands at five meters long and features a wrap around windscreen, gullwing doors, huge air intakes and an over-sized, mobile rear spoiler. Not surprisingly for a car inspired by a computer game, tech specifications for the GTbyCITROËN are a little light on, although within the game it will do its bit for the promotion of greener motoring with a fuel cell powered electric drive train that's totally emissions free (apart from the electricity running the console of course). Read More
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Mazda’s Smart Idle Stop System uses Direct Injection Engine Technology

By - September 8, 2008 1 Picture
September 9, 2008 The imperatives of better fuel economy and reduced emissions are breeding some fascinating developments of the good ol’ Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). One of the most logical ideas could have been invented by any schoolboy – turn off the engine when it isn’t being used. VW was the first to trial the idea and BMW, MINI, smart, Citroen and Peugeot have followed suit, all using electrical power to restart the engine, requiring beefed up starting systems to cope with ever-more-congested urban conditions (25% of European driving time is now spent at standstill). Now Mazda has come up with a better idea - restarting the engine through combustion. Mazda’s system initiates engine restart by injecting fuel directly into the cylinder while the engine is stopped, and igniting it to generate downward piston force. Read More
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The spell-binding Citroen Hypnos Concept

By - September 4, 2008 2 Pictures
With the 2008 Paris Motor Show just a few weeks away, the world’s oldest automotive industry is getting set to strut its stuff on home ground. Not surprisingly, the French like to save the best for the Paris Show and this year, Citroën is unveiling the Hypnos. An elegant cross-over vehicle, Hypnos draws on a range of creative technologies to deliver performance and environmental efficiency, combined with subtle but powerful motoring sensations. Powerful, flowing and expressive, the exterior styling identifies the car as one to rouse the emotions. If you’re wondering about the image, that’s the interior – pretty amazing heh what? Read More

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