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CES 2011

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iCADE turns an iPad into a mini arcade cabinet

By - January 9, 2011 6 Pictures
Yearning to relive the golden days of arcade gaming but can’t afford a full sized arcade console? Then the iCADE arcade-style controller for iPad could be the next best thing. Originally appearing as an April Fools joke on ThinkGeek last year, the fictional device garnered so much interest ThinkGeek has partnered with ION to turn the concept into a reality. The resulting unit packs a full-sized joystick and eight arcade buttons in a mini arcade cabinet form factor. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Videos: Google showcases tablet-centric Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS

By - January 9, 2011 1 Picture
There's no mistaking it: 2011 is the year of the tablet PC. There's something like a hundred of these things coming out in the next 12 months, following the trailblazing success of Apple's iPad. A significant number of them will be running Google's Android operating system and at CES it became abundantly clear why Google has been telling developers not to make Android 2.x tablets: because Android 3.0 has been in the works, specifically designed for tablets as opposed to smartphones. And while it's certain to suffer from a lot of the same device fragmentation issues that have plagued Android smartphones, there's no denying that 3.0 looks fantastic in these preview videos. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The Motorola ATRIX 4G – a PC in your pocket

By - January 9, 2011 9 Pictures
As powerful and multi-functional as smartphones have become, Motorola is looking to go one step further with its ATRIX 4G. Powered by a Tegra dual-core processor with each core running at 1 GHz to deliver up to 2 GHz of processing power and 1 GB of RAM, the device is designed to act as the brains of a computer that can be taken with you. In addition to being what Motorola calls the “world’s most powerful smartphone,” the ATRIX 4G is also designed to slot into external docks that turn the device into the engine for a desktop or laptop PC. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Hanvon HPad A116 tablet

By - January 9, 2011 5 Pictures
Amongst the products being shown off at CES by China's e-Reader king and developer of handwriting recognition technology, Hanvon Technology, was the 7-inch HPad A116 tablet. The dual camera, multi-touch device runs on a customized version of Android and is powered by an ARM Cortex processor. There's Wireless-N connectivity (with optional 3G) to connect to Hanvon's own application portal or online bookstore and support for a range of common audio, video and text formats. Read More
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Parrot unveils connected car receiver running on Android

By - January 7, 2011 8 Pictures
The wireless gurus over at Parrot have just announced the company's latest car receiver, the Asteroid, and from what we can see so far it looks pretty sweet. In addition to the usual the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern day system – like geo-location, hands-free music listening, and hands-free telephony – the Asteroid has thrown an unexpected element into the mix. It's running on Android. Read More
— Good Thinking

MakerBot Thing-O-Matic – the DIY 3D printer

By - January 7, 2011 7 Pictures
Put simply, the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic is a thing you can make to make your own things – automatically. It is a desktop 3D printer that comes in kit form and, once assembled, can then be plugged into a PC via USB to print 3D objects from your own 3D digital designs. While you won’t be able to print your own car or your own replacement organs, you will be able to churn out everything from a customized plastic chess set to an action figure of yourself. Read More
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Sony makes things personal with 3D headset prototype

By - January 7, 2011 6 Pictures
One of the more interesting – and futuristic looking – 3D pieces of tech on show at CES 2011 is Sony’s prototype personal 3D headset. Looking like something out of Tron or an early iteration of Geordi LaForge’s visor from Star Trek:TNG, the 3D headset overcomes the problem of crosstalk experienced on 3D TVs with active shutter glasses by incorporating two OLED displays – one for each eye – offering 1280 x 720 pixels each. Read More
— Digital Cameras

GoPro to release housing for 3D action videography

By - January 7, 2011 3 Pictures
GoPro is getting into 3D with its 1080p HD HERO actioncam range, but it's taking a slightly different approach. Instead of jamming two lenses and two sensors into one unit, the company has opted to build a special casing that joins two of the existing 2D cameras at the hip. The 3D HERO Expansion kit will be compatible with all 1080p HD HERO cameras and is expected to hit shelves in February at a cost of US$100. Read More
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Razor Switchblade concept to take desktop PC gaming mobile

By - January 7, 2011 9 Pictures
While mobile devices have attracted a large part of the casual gaming market, PC games still offer a depth and adaptable user interface that is impossible to match on mobile phones, tablets, or even consoles. With that in mind, gaming-oriented peripherals manufacturer Razer has unveiled a concept device at CES 2011. Called the Razer Switchblade, it looks to bring PC desktop gaming to a portable form factor. Read More