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Ceiling Fans

How the Exhale fan looks - very different than a traditional ceiling fan

The core design of ceiling fans hasn't altered in the 150 years or so since they first made an appearance. Most ceiling fans cool by blowing air straight down, which is fine if you're standing directly underneath the blades, but of less use for regulating and homogenizing the overall air temperature in the room. Nik Hiner, via his company Exhale Fans, is trying to disrupt the industry with an innovative new design.  Read More

Upside Down is a ceiling fan by Raffaele Iannello that takes the form of a 1:6 scale model...

A ceiling fan doesn't usually act as the conversation piece or focal point of a room, but that rule doesn't apply to the bizarrely-yet-accurately named Upside Down ceiling fan from Italian designer Raffaele Iannello.  Read More

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