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Parasound CD 1 CD player uses multiple readings to reduce errors

By - April 2, 2013 7 Pictures
Audio files may seem to have put paid to CDs, but new technology shows that, like vinyl, the format still has a few tricks left in it. CDs do a pretty good job of reproducing music, but for many an audiophile the digital format lacks “warmth” and often suffers from tiny, yet detectable, imperfections that can be as jarring as serving Gordon Ramsay ketchup with lobster. The Parasound CD 1 player strives to eliminate these imperfections by ditching the conventional CD player in favor of a CD-ROM drive that spins CDs at four times normal speed in order to find and eliminate imperfections before they reach the speakers. Read More
— Home Entertainment

Vincent's C-60 audiophile-grade CD player

By - March 22, 2010 4 Pictures
German high-end audio specialist Vincent Audio has announced immediate availability of its new CD player. Benefiting from noise-reducing component isolation and offering the user the choice of rich vacuum or precise digital reproduction, the C-60 also offers premium XLR balanced output and a highly accurate Philips transport. But serious audio enjoyment does come at a price. Read More
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CD player design straight out of Johnny Mnemonic

By - June 24, 2008 3 Pictures
While the Compact Disc may be on its last legs, usurped by Flash based personal media players, DVDs and now Blu-Ray Discs, that hasn't stopped South Korean designer Kim Yong Seong turning out an interesting design for a portable music player that supports CDs and MP3 files. Kim has dubbed his proposed design the DMP, short for Dual Music Player, which plays MP3 files in the compact closed position and then flips open to form two arms that support a CD. MP3 files and charging would come courtesy of a USB connection and the device would also do away with messy headphone cables through Bluetooth support. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Panasonic's new In-Dash LCD Monitor/DVD Receivers and CD Player

By - July 31, 2007 3 Pictures
August 1, 2007 Panasonic has introduced its next generation of mobile video entertainment systems for the vehicle including two new in-dash DVD monitor receivers compatible with Panasonic's optional expansion module for multiple digital devices. This enables connection of up to four devices at once such as iPods, camcorders or video game consoles, a DVD/CD changer, TV tuner or Bluetooth wireless phone kit. Read More

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