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ION's Cassette Adapter Bluetooth

Remember back when people carried Sony Discmans in their cars, and used those cassette adapters to listen to them through their tape decks? Well, while a lot of those same cars are still on the road, the Discman has now given way to the MP3 player. That's why ION Audio has released its Cassette Adapter Bluetooth.  Read More

ION's Tape Dock is designed to bring your cassettes to the digital age

If you own an iPhone or iPod touch and have a collection of music on cassette tape, this just might be the gadget of your dreams. ION's Tape Dock allows you to take your favorite cassette tapes and bring them to the digital age. It works with chrome or normal cassettes, so your tapes should not have a problem going digital.  Read More

The compact cassette mix tape of old has been given a modern update by MakerBot Industries...

In the days before CD, MP3 or iTunes, when Sony's Walkman was just about the only mobile music player worth having, hip young music lovers engaged in the painstakingly intricate process of recording a 45-minute-per-side compilation of favorite tunes onto an audio cassette tape. A kind of forefather to today's MP3 playlist, the mix tape was about creating a unique musical identity, an expression of personality that could be shared with those near and dear. Technology marches relentlessly on and tapes are now all-but extinct, replaced by digital files on smartphones and media players. The essence of the compact cassette mix tape has now been given a modern update by the folks from the MakerBot Industries Applications team in Brooklyn, New York, with the launch of the 3D-printed Mixtape do-it-yourself music player kit.  Read More

Old Geekster Retro: a cassette deck for your PC

July 25, 2005 Just the thing for old blokes with a difficult-to-extract-legacy-cassette-player or it’ll-come-in-handy-if-we-never-use-it mentality, the PlusDeck 2 is a full-logic cassette deck for your PC. You can use it to archive your old cassette tape collection into digital media files for playback on your PC, or alternatively, transfer your favorite audio files or streams onto cassette so you can play them in your pristine and original sixties, seventies or eighties muscle car that would be inappropriate with an in-dash CD player or hard drive. You could be the first on your block to have taped podcasts! Just US$149  Read More

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