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CasioTransparent Ceramic Lens technology reduces zoom lens size

Casio has developed the world's first lens using transparent ceramics. This breakthrough will make it possible to make zoom lenses for cameras which are much smaller. The technology is expected to find its way into the next generation of Casio's thin Exilim card-size digital camera and continues the major push in technological development to find better methods of creating smaller, thinner cameras.  Read More


The latest addition to Casio's EXILIM range of ultra-compact digital cameras - the EX-Z3 - represents a significant performance boost on previous models. With a 3.2 megapixel CCD (compared to the 1.24 and 2.0 megapixel EXILIM cameras introduced in 2002), a 3X optical zoom lens and enlarged LCD monitor...  Read More

Casio Camera Watch

These days, nothing can really earn the label 'miniature' until it can be strapped onto your wrist. In terms of the digital camera, Casio achieved this feat with the release of the world's first wrist-watch in June 2000: the WQV-1.  Read More


At just 11.3 mm thick, 88 mm wide and 55 mm high, and weighing in at only 86g - not counting the battery and memory card - the Casio EXILIM is the world's smallest and lightest digital camera. If you manage not to lose this tiny point and shoot - hold a few credit cards back to back and you'll get a feel for the size - it will produce images of 1.31 million pixels with up to 4X digital zoom.  Read More

Casio Fuel Cells for Portable Devices

Casio has developed high-performance portable fuel cells - its latest R&D success in the worldwide push toward smaller, cleaner more efficient power sources to supplant the ailing battery.  Read More

Casio's Global Positioning System in a watch

It reads out your current lattitude and longitude to within a few metres after conferring with between three and twelve satellites - the Casio Pro Trek is a truly incredible piece of machinery - a genuine monument to miniaturisation and applied technology. And it just happens to be the most accurate wrist-worn timepeice you can buy!!!!!!  Read More

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