Carbon Fiber


A closer look at the new McLaren 570GT

When McLaren re-entered the road car arena, it was on the back of the brand's strong motorsport connection. But not all buyers are after a road-going racer – some need room for luggage, and others want to enjoy their supercars on cross-country jaunts. That's where the 570GT comes in. With more luggage space than a Ford Focus, and a softer suspension than the 570S, the GT is designed to open McLaren up to buyers with dreams of practical, long distance motoring. Gizmag was on hand at the Australian launch to chat with designer Robert Melville.Read More


Mad 6 carbon fiber mountain bike is for kids only

Children's mountain bikes often end up just being stunted "lesser" versions of their adult-sized counterparts, not necessarily weighing much less. Australia's CarbonXScycles, however, has taken a different approach with its Mad 6. The lightweight carbon fiber bike is designed from the ground up to fit li'l riders, to the point that it even features a custom dual suspension.Read More

Stebles Bike will sport integrated carbon fiber fenders

If you're a cyclist who rides in the rain frequently, chances are that you're going to put fenders on your daily commuter bike. Doing so can be a hassle, however, plus they often end up rattling or rubbing. That's why UK product designer Mark Stebles created his Stebles Bike – its front and rear mudguards are actually part of its frame.Read More


The Whip FR-II could be that "stealth snowboard" you've been seeking

To the casual observer, a snowboard is simply … well, an oblong board with boot bindings on it. Cheetah Ultra Sports' new carbon composite The Whip FR-II, however, looks decidedly more high-tech. Reportedly "inspired by fighter jets and exotic cars," it's claimed to offer several advantages over conventional boards – besides looking like something that Batman would take to the slopes.Read More


Vitesse AuDessus releases ultralight carbon fiber sports car wheels

Just a month after announcing its entry into the bespoke automotive aftermarket, Maryland-based carbon fiber atelier Vitesse AuDessus (that's "Superior Speed" in French) has introduced a new carbon fiber wheel. The hollow, single-piece wheel appears quite similar in design to the Aircore wheel that Koenigsegg uses on its Agera R and One:1 hypercars, only this wheel can lighten and liven everything from Lamborghinis, to McLarens, to Porsches, assuming the owner is willing to drop the price of an Audi A4 to get a set. Read More


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