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Car Care

For most people, the "check engine" light in their car is pretty useless, providing no info about what the problem is or its severity. A new app wants to provide US drivers with exactly that information. Fixd provides notifications if a problem arises, along with the potential consequences and cost. Read More

Juno Power's new Jumpr is small enough to fit in a glove compartment, and light enough to carry in a coat pocket or backpack, but is claimed capable of jump-starting a car. And it can charge your smartphone, too. Read More

Imagine if every time you bought a pair of socks, you automatically threw them out after six months, regardless of their condition. While you would certainly always have newer socks, you would also likely end up throwing away quite a few pairs that could have lasted a while longer. When it comes to changing the oil in our vehicles, most of us do take the “every X miles” approach, however, as there’s no easy way of telling if that oil really needs to be changed ... or is there? The designers of Lubricheck claim that their device will save money and minimize discarded oil, by analyzing samples of engine oil and letting drivers know if it’s still good. Read More
A luxury car care company in London is now offering just the thing to spread all over your million-dollar automobile: car wax that costs GBP24,000 (US$37,070). Brough and Howarth claim that its Definitive Wax Marble is the world’s most expensive car wax, and one would assume they’re probably right. Given that there’s currently only one pot of the substance in existence, it’s also a safe bet that it’s the rarest. Read More
February 15, 2008 British Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre Thatcham has put three of the car industry’s most hyped collision prevention technologies to the test – and they’ve emerged with flying colors. The Volvo City Safety, Mercedes Distronic Plus, and Honda CMBS use radar systems to mitigate and prevent low speed collisions – which, as a category, make up 75% of all motor accidents. Read More
January 15, 2008 Blaupunkt has announced its first foray into the automotive rear-view camera arena with a tiny unit designed for fast mounting on most vehicles and simple connection to a wide variety of in-car video and navigation display devices. Read More
September 2, 2007 Peugeot will provide a preview of the new 308 at the Frankfurt International Motorshow under the guise of the 308 SW Prologue. Equipped with an additive-enhanced diesel particulate filter system (DPFS), that reduces CO2 emissions, the 308 SW Prologue combines the strengths of the new 308 hatchback with innovative SW features like the new “wrap-around” rear end which allows for the installation of a third row of seats and improves rear vision. Read More
July 23, 2007 Last year saw the United Kingdom experiencing its worst drought in over 100 years, and the associated water-saving bans on the use of garden hoses and home car washing forced proud British car owners to look for new ways to keep their vehicles clean and shiny. Armor All’s Clean and Shine Wipes - tough cleaning cloths impregnated with detergents, waxes and silicones - emerged as a very cheap and effective alternative to the bucket and hose. In fact, the cheap, waterless interior/exterior wipes have proven so convenient and quick to use that many time-starved Britons have stuck with them even now that their water restrictions have been lifted. For providing such an excellent solution to the water restriction problem, and for delivering precious hours back to car owners by condensing the cleaning, waxing and polishing processes into one simple step, the wipes have just been named Auto Express magazine’s Car Care Product of the Year. Read More