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Bowers & Wilkins Spiral Diffuser tube offers enhanced car audio

By - November 27, 2007 3 Pictures
November 28, 2007 Sound and speaker specialist Bowers & Wilkins has developed a new Spiral Diffuser tube that will help vehicle manufacturers increase sound system performance within the limited package restrictions offered by the in-car speaker format. The diffuser is designed to remove unwanted sound resonance in vehicle interiors by replicating a technique used in home sound system set ups. Read More
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Peugeot upgrades its in-dash audio/visual/navigation system

By - November 26, 2007 4 Pictures
November 27, 2007 Peugeot has announced an upgrade to its audio/visual/navigation system. The RT4 Multimedia system, launching shortly on selected 207 models throughout the UK, features a road-proof 30GB hard drive for up to 180 hours of MP3 music tracks, pictures and videos, as well as full color satellite navigation with mapping covering Western Europe and the TMC traffic information system. Happily, it's also significantly cheaper than its predecessor. Read More
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Venturi Mini – Bluetooth handsfree kit meets MP3 streaming jukebox, through any FM car radio

By - November 13, 2007 4 Pictures
November 14, 2007 Cable connections are dying a slow death at the hands of convenient, wireless Bluetooth devices like this one. The Venturi Mini is a wireless music streaming and hands-free telephone gadget that works with most phones – but it’s the combination of new-world Bluetooth with the old-school technology of short-range FM radio transmission that makes this handy toy work with almost all car stereo. Read More
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MOTOROKR T505: hands-free speakerphone and FM transmitter

By - November 7, 2007 3 Pictures
November 8, 2007 Motorola’s latest in-car technology combines a Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone and a Digital FM Transmitter for hands-free phone calls and music streamed to the car stereo. When calls come in, the T505 automatically mutes the music and audibly announces the Caller-ID, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road and echo and noise reduction technology are built-in along with "StationFinder" technology that identifies the best FM connection. When the ride’s over, the T505 can be easily unhooked and taken to another car for the next trip. features StationFinder, a technology that announces where the best FM connection can be found on the user’s car radio. Read More
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World first technology optimizes in-car acoustics

By - October 8, 2007 2 Pictures
October 9, 2007 When automotive designers create car interiors, acoustics are not the number one priority. From glass to carpets and seat coverings, cars contain many materials that obstruct and degrade audio quality - add to this the uneven positioning of speakers in relation to the listener and you have a recipe for less than ideal listening environment. No correction system has been able to overcome them but Alpine Electronics claim that its new IMPRINT technology has the ability to solve these problems and optimize sound reproduction to fit the specific vehicle. Read More
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Blaupunkt ditches the CD player in latest car stereo release

By - September 23, 2007 2 Pictures
September 24, 2007 CDs could be headed the way of the near extinct cassette tape when it comes to in-car music playback if this latest release from Blaupunkt is any indication. With MP3 players already replacing cumbersome and easily scratched CDs as the format of choice in automobiles, the Melbourne SD27 car radio embraces our new consumer habits and completely by-passes the CD to enable direct playback via an SD/MMC card as well as from portable audio players. Read More
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Belkin update TuneBase FM transmitter for iPods

By - September 19, 2007 3 Pictures
September 20, 2007 iPod accessories continue to multiply exponentially, and why not with over 110 million iPods sold to June 2007 according to Apple. The latest add-on to catch our attention is Belkin's updated model of its TuneBase FM transmitter which includes new Clearscan technology - a feature that automatically seeks out the clearest FM frequency through which to relay your music. Read More
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The Rattlebuster, letting you pinpoint interior vibrations in your car with the engine off

By - May 28, 2007 1 Picture
May 29, 2007 Irritating buzzing sounds in your car interior can be exceptionally annoying, and finding them is nearly impossible with the car stopped. Enter the Rattlebuster, a UKP10 CD that plays vibration-inducing tones through your car stereo. Mimicing several different road travel frequencies for 4 minutes at a time, the Rattlebuster lets you track down loose bits and pieces once and for all, with your car stopped. Read More
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Car stereo for the flash drive generation

By - May 27, 2007 2 Pictures
May 28, 2007 As music consumption expands to include greater use of mobile USB devices like the iPod, car audio is beginning to follow. Clarion's latest in-car CD receiver features signal restoration to get the best out of compressed MP3, AAC and WMA files - and a USB cable that pops out in your glove box so you can play sound files straight from any USB storage device. Read More

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