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Parrot unveils connected car receiver running on Android

By - January 7, 2011 8 Pictures
The wireless gurus over at Parrot have just announced the company's latest car receiver, the Asteroid, and from what we can see so far it looks pretty sweet. In addition to the usual the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern day system – like geo-location, hands-free music listening, and hands-free telephony – the Asteroid has thrown an unexpected element into the mix. It's running on Android. Read More
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Audi Sound Concept: one car, 62 speakers

By - June 14, 2010 9 Pictures
Audi has already set a high standard in terms of in-car audio systems through collaborations with premium suppliers Bang & Olufsen and Bose. Now its development engineers are looking to usher in the next revolution of in-car hi-fi with the Audi Sound Concept. To help bring a physical principle called "wave field synthesis" to the automobile, the company has crammed a standard Audi Q7 with 62 speakers - five woofers and five tweeters plus 52 mid-range speakers. Read More
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Parrot RKi8400 car stereo designed with iPhone in mind

By - September 17, 2009 3 Pictures
Parrot has released a car stereo at IAA designed for iPhones and iPods. The Rki8400 uses Bluetooth, has a USB port for hard drives or USB keys, SD Card reader and a double line-in socket for analogue sources. It provides hands-free telephony functions and another great feature is a storage compartment behind the removable front panel that hides and recharges your iPod or iPhone. That means no more cords tangling around gear shifts, or iPhones sliding around the vehicle during braking or cornering maneuvers. Plus, of course, a bit of extra security. Read More
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Memphis Car Audio SClass Flat Subwoofer

By - March 20, 2009 5 Pictures
At just 3 inches deep, it’s not surprising that the Memphis Car Audio SClass Flat Subwoofer has won awards for innovation. If you want big bass you usually need big space. Memphis however, has developed a new method of attaching the spider to the voice coil that improves both durability and sound quality. Generally the spider/voice coil combination needs more space so as to maximize performance and the throw distance the speaker is capable of – more cone movement equals more bass. Read More
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Sony joins the in-car iPod wagon

By - August 28, 2008 1 Picture
August 28, 2008 If you’re sick of fumbling with your iPod while hurtling down the freeway Sony have just the thing with the announcement of four new Xplod in-dash head units that are able to connect directly to compatible iPods and allow users to charge and control their iPod devices on the road. Each new unit supports HPF/LPF sound quality, feature 52 watts X 4 peak output enhancements and, if you’re one of the few holding out from joining the iPod brigade, there’s an auxiliary input on the faceplates, facilitating the use of other portable music players with a standard 1/8-inch mini jack cord, which is available separately. Read More
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Infinity unveils new range of premium automotive loudspeakers

By - March 31, 2008 1 Picture
April 1, 2008 The new Kappa® loudspeakers from high-performance audio specialist Infinity incorporate several new technologies designed to bring the best of home theater sound to the car. These include reduced impedance to maximize the power available from all amplifiers and head units, plus an in-built distortion-reducing motor that promises clean, crisp bass at all power levels. Read More
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3D Radio records and analyzes multiple radio stations

By - January 9, 2008 1 Picture
January 10, 2007 3D Radio, the Tivo-like technology that allows users to record and playback content from multiple radio stations, has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The system can record AM, FM, Satellite and HD radio signals, as well as any audio on upcoming Wi-Max and 700 MHz radio stations. It digitizes and records in real-time, allowing instant pausing, rewinding and playback. Read More
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Clarion’s latest touch panel controlled in-car multimedia unit

By - November 29, 2007 1 Picture
November 30, 2007 Clarion has released their latest in-car multimedia unit, the VRX578RUSB, which offers navigation and control of a range of audio and multimedia functions through a fully motorized 7” touch panel control that glides effortlessly upon command from its single DIN housing. An optional iPod control and built-in Bluetooth connectivity enables listening to music and streaming voice calls via a mobile phone and the unit also supports DVD R/DVD RW, CD R/CD RW, MP3, WMA and AAC file playback, as well being an Official DivX Certified product capable of playing all versions of DivX video including DivX 6. Read More

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