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— Marine

Pedal-powered Tandem gives canoeists some face time

By - July 29, 2013 4 Pictures
While it can be fun canoeing with another person, there is one problem with the setup of a traditional canoe – the front passenger has to turn around in order to see the back passenger’s face. British engineer Joe Rutland decided to do something about that, so he designed the Tandem canoe. Not only do the two passengers sit facing each other, but instead of paddling the boat, they pedal it. Read More
— Marine

Superlight folding canoe fits in a backpack

By - August 5, 2011 5 Pictures
First of all ... yes, you’re right, there are already folding canoes. Those boats don’t necessarily pack up all that small, though, and typically weigh in the neighborhood of at least 18 kilograms (40 lbs). They’re portable, but you’d certainly notice that you were carrying one. Israeli designer Ori Levin, however, has created a one-of-a-kind folding canoe called the Adhoc, that tips (no pun intended) the scales at just 4.1 kilograms, or 9 pounds. Read More
— Marine

StrongArm helps load boats onto cars

By - March 29, 2011 1 Picture
Sea kayaks are quite possibly one of the finest things ever created by mankind, but they can be rather difficult to load onto the top of one’s car – this is particularly true for people who are trying to do the job single-handed, or who have a tall vehicle. Australia’s Steve Scott identified this problem as an opportunity, and invented the StrongArm Kayak Loader. Read More
— Marine

EZ Launch adds extra stability for canoe and kayak launches

By - June 28, 2010 2 Pictures
If you’ve ever tried getting in or out of a canoe or kayak that’s floating alongside a dock... well, it’s actually not that hard if you’ve got some practice, but a quick viewing of just about any funny home videos program will show that mishaps do indeed happen. That moment of transferring your weight between a stable dock and a less-stable boat can sometimes end up in an unintended dunking, and plenty of laughs at the paddler’s expense. A new product, the EZ Launch, is a floating ramp system that eases boat and paddler in and out of the water, and is intended to keep such impromptu baptisms to a minimum. Read More
— Marine

Tequila! modular kayak is a snap to transport, stow or change from solo to tandem

By - February 24, 2010 4 Pictures
The Tequila! kayak from Swedish company Point65 is a truly versatile modular watercraft that comes apart to make it easy to stow without the need for specialized storage systems at home. Ideal for people living in apartments or units or those who already have a full garage, the sit-on-top kayak breaks down into manageable components and fits into the rear of most vehicles, meaning there’s no need for roofracks. While the idea of a collapsible kayak isn't new, the added bonus of the Tequila! design is that it can be changed from a solo to a tandem kayak by adding another modular piece and snapping it together. Read More
— Marine

The Instaboat Fisherman foldable aluminium canoe

By - May 11, 2009 26 Pictures
The Quebec-manufactured Instaboat has added a second canoe to its easily transportable, collapsible aluminium boat range aimed specifically at fishermen. The new Instaboat Fisherman folds down to a package just 16 cm wide, 3.45 metres long and 38 cm deep weighing 38 kg. Preparing (see video) the US$1500 unsinkable Fisherman for the water takes just two minutes and offers a 245 kg weight capacity. Read More

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