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Verizon and Samsung launch first 3.2 MPX camera phone in U.S.

July 10, 2006 It’s taking some time in comparison to genuinely advanced countries such as Korea, but the level of picture quality of camera phones is finally approaching an acceptable level thanks to the Samsung SCH-a990 via Verizon Wireless. In addition to a 3.2 megapixel camera phone, the SCH-a990 boasts video recording capabilities, V CAST to view video and V CAST Music to download music directly to the phone and Bluetooth to allow a customer to print pictures wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled printer basic print profile. The SCH-a990 has a unique design that looks first like a phone and then, when the screen is rotated 180 degrees, like a camera. This design, along with the high resolution and features such as a flash and in-camera photo editing software, make the SCH-a990 the first mobile device that is as much a camera as it is a multimedia phone.  Read More

The 10mpx camera phone

April 7, 2006 Samsung Electronics continues to push the boundaries of the convergent device at CEBIT earlier this year, first announcing an 8GB hard disk smart phone, and then trumping the camera phone market with the announcement of the SCH-B600 - a 10 mpx camera phone with 3X optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. The “firsts” for the camera also include auto-focus, a fill-light function and a 1/2,000th of a second shutter speed. We’ve previously reported on the company’s string of world-firsts such as the first 5 MPX phone, 7 MPX phone and 8 MPX phone but the trend is not slowing by any measure – the SCH-B600 will be on the Korean market by mid-year and also includes a 2-inch, 16-million-pixel color TFT LCD screen, supports satellite digital multimedia broadcasting services and comes with a dual-face, dual-speaker system, TV-out and MP3 player. Not surprisingly, everyone queued up at CTIA to see the phone.  Read More

Samsung’s 8 mpx camera phone – the hamburger with the LOT!

January 30, 2006 We’ve talked about the highly competitive nature of Korean giant Samsung previously. If they ever introduce that well known game, “mine’s bigger than yours” at the Olympics, Samsung would be a Gold medal contender, capable of playing in almost any consumer electronics arena and winning the game. Last March at CEBIT, Samsung announced the world’s first 7 megapixel camera phone, the SCH-V770 and for the last few months has been showing the first eight megapixel camera phone, the V8200, to potential distribution partners at various trade shows, culminating in disclosure to select media at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. The V8200 will be on shelves in Seoul within six weeks but will only be available in Korea. Both models (770 and 8200) will be available side-by-side as the specifications are slightly different - the 770 has a x3 optical zoom whereas the V8200 has just digital zoom. But the V8200 has just about every other feature you can think of – such as VGA (640x480) video recording, a TV-out function, Video on Demand, Music on Demand, an MP3 Player, a Microsoft Office file viewer, a 16M-color TFD Display, TransFlash external memory, dual speakers for excellent sound quality and a melody composer so you can develop your own ringtones … and digital images 3296 x 2472 pixels in size. Detailed images inside.  Read More

Pantech launches 5 MPX camera phone and F2F handheld videoconferencing phone

December 1, 2005 South Korea’s second biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Pantech, has announced plans for the launch of two new models onto the Korean market: the IM-8600 5 mega-pixel camera phone and the IM-8700 F2F (‘face-to-face’) telephony handset. The IM-8600 is a rotating clamshell 5 mega-pixel camera phone with what Pantech claims is a revolutionary Meca Shutter camera technology which controls the amount of light used during the photographic process, enabling a far sharper, more defined quality of picture. The IM-8700 F2F telephony handset is a major step forward, in making real time, high quality video communication by phone a reality. It features an exceptional 10 frames per second (fps) imaging speed, with a sizeable 2.2 inch screen, allowing users to have a faster, more interactive communications experience with other callers.  Read More

Samsung shows 7 megapixel camera phone outside Korea

June 17, 2005 Samsung Electronics took its “mine’s-bigger-than-yours” game outside Korea this week when it showed its seven-megapixel camera phone, the SCH-V770 at CommunicAsia in Singapore. Perhaps the most encouraging sign was that Samsung has released official “portrait shots” of the SCH-V770 which we first wrote up from Korea in March. It’s an indication that we may soon see the awesome converged device in other markets, and Samsung's Kitae Lee concurred when he said, "We are focusing on our latest technology that demonstrates the innovation of Samsung, and gives visitors a crystal-ball industry view of what they can expect in the future from the world's leading telecommunications company.”  Read More

The camera phone megapixel battle gets hotter and hotter

February 22, 2005 Camera phones are the fastest growing consumer electronics product in history, and make up 75 percent of digital cameras sold worldwide in 2005, according to CTIA research. Samsung's announcements at the Photo Marketing Association Showyesterday indicated that it intends to grab the lion's share of the converged phone market by releasing camera phones with two mega pixel, 3.5 mega pixel and five mega pixel capabilities onto the US market this year.  Read More

Sony Ericsson launches the K500i camera phone

November 3, 2004 Sony Ericsson Australia have launched the new K500i camera phone packed with the latest entertainment and imaging features to suit a fun and active lifestyle, enabling music, the latest 3D games and high quality VGA images all on the go for a recommended retail price of AUD $555. Designed to look like a phone on one side and a camera on the other, the K500i boasts 1.9 inch 65K colour TFT screen to ensure the user can view images and play games with vivid clarity. The K500i is an ideal gaming companion with its cutting-edge graphics, large screen and MultiAction joystick. Smooth, intuitive game play is assured with an impressive graphics platform consisting of Java 2.0 and Mascot Capsule Engine Micro3D Edition from HI Corp to support fast-action, graphic-rich mobile applications.  Read More

SAMSUNG introduces a 5-megapixel camera phone!

October 24, 2004 The convergence of digital cameras with mobile phones continues apace with Samsung unveiling the SCH-S250 model mobile, equipped with an intense 5-megapixel camera, a "true colour" LCD with 16 million colours and a text-to-speech conversion function all in the one handset. The CCD (charge-coupled device) camera and high-sensitivity flash allow the user to take the same quality pictures as a mdeium-quality digital camera. Like Samsung's premium grade camera phones, the S250 can also function as a camcorder.  Read More

Samsung shows the world's first 7 megapixel camera phone

March 11. 2005 Korean giant electronics manufacturer continued to flex its massive technological muscle at CEBIT yesterday when it announced the SCH-V770 handset mobile phone, another world first for Samsung in that it features a 7 mega pixel camera with a 3 times optical zoom lens. Samsung continues to make headlines in the camera phone pixel race in that it's less than twelve months since it showed the first three megapixel camera-phone and less than six months since it showed the first five megapixel phone.  Read More

Sanyo's new W21SA Camera Phone has it all

One of the most complete mobile phones yet to reach market has surfaced in Japan from Sanyo. The W21SA has a 2 megapixel camera and shoots QVGA video, has an FM radio inbuilt and can record from the FM radio or use the facility for voice recording too. It also has a TV output so you can show your video and still images on the family teev, and it has an optical character reader which works through the camera and recognises 20,000 words in English and 30,000 Japanese words.  Read More

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