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World's oldest calendar uncovered in a Scottish field

By - July 25, 2013 3 Pictures
While we take calendars for granted these days, the invention of systems that track time stands as one of humanity's most monumental achievements ... in more ways than one. Long before written calendars emerged, monuments were used to measure time. Now a crude but working "calendar" discovered in Warren Field, Scotland, suggests that these time measuring monuments may have been developed much earlier than previously thought. Archaeologists believe the Warren Field calendar was created by hunter gatherers around 8,000 BC, making it the world's oldest calendar discovered to date by a significant margin. Read More

Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar serves up a cuppa every day

Calendars are one of the oldest means of advertising in the world, and it's still standard practice for big companies to send out calendars to business partners and clients. However, they're normally made of paper and covered with the brand logo and pictures of the company's products. German tea producer Hälssen & Lyon decided to do something a little different by creating what's billed as the world's first tea calendar. Read More

New Year rolls around in style with ONE calendar

For much of the socio-economic West, new year is set to roll around in approximately 14 days. For South Korean designer Jeong Yong, the rolling around is likely to occur literally as well as figuratively, being that Yong is the designer of the ONE Table Calendar, a multi-ringed calendar and magnetic designer corporate play-thing. Read More
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Build your own wooden mechanical timekeeping masterpiece

By - February 22, 2010 8 Pictures
For most of us clocks are a purely utilitarian device. They tell us the time and we don’t generally give a second thought to their inner workings. But the mechanical wooden clock designs of Clayton Boyer put the inner workings of clocks on full display resulting in conversation starters that are not only functional, but beautiful as well. And, if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can build your own. Read More
— Around The Home

Talking calendar helps you remind yourself

By - August 4, 2009 2 Pictures
Missed another dentist appointment because the Post-It note fell off the fridge? Forgot your anniversary because you left your diary at work? Didn’t remember to buy milk? What was that tee-off time again? If that little voice inside your head isn't doing its job, the Jenda Voice Calendar might be the answer - it provides a simple way to record reminders in your own voice. Read More
— Good Thinking

A compelling proposal for a Better Calendar and time system

By - December 22, 2004 2 Pictures
December 23, 2004 We've standardised global measurement of weight, temperature and distance in recent times. With globalisation accelerating and global trade efficiencies to consider, perhaps it's time to reconsider the way the world measures time? A new calendar and time system being proposed by Professor Richard Conn Henry of Johns Hopkins University would have "profound economic and practical benefits" according to Henry. He is proposing the worldwide adoption of a 24-hour universal time scale, synchronising the date and time worldwide, streamlining international business and exchange. Read More

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