Highlights from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show


The Antikythera Mechanism is the world's oldest computer (Photo: Giovanni Dall Orto)

Since its discovery over a century ago, the Antikythera Mechanism has had scholars scratching their heads over how the Greeks managed to build a mechanical computer a hundred years before the birth of Christ and thousands of years before anything similar. But now things have become even stranger as researchers claim that it's over a hundred years older than previously believed and may have been built by a famous hand.  Read More

Pocket Smart String uses a flexible string instead of a semi-rigid tape for measuring item...

Although it would be wrong to say that tape measures are difficult to use, they can sometimes certainly be a bit fiddly – a couple of examples include the measuring of objects that aren’t straight-edged, or having to squint to count off the exact millimeters on the tape. Pocket Smart String, however, goes about measuring in a different way. Users pull a string out from the pocket calculator-sized device, laying it alongside or winding it around whatever they want to measure. The exact length is digitally displayed on the device’s LCD screen, and can then be stored in its memory for calculating things such as area or volume.  Read More

Canon has merged mouse, numeric keypad and calculator into one useful wireless device - th...

Mobile number crunchers whose laptop keyboard is lacking in a useful separate keypad will no doubt be interested to discover that Canon is about to release a new slim laser mouse which includes its own keypad. The new X Mark I Mouse could also please trackpad haters looking to reduce the number of peripherals housed within the laptop bag, as it also operates as a 10-digit calculator complete with LCD screen.  Read More

Casio has unveiled its next generation graphing calculator - the PRIZM, designed to delive...

A quarter of a century after introducing the world's first graphing calculator, Casio has announced its next generation model that's been designed to deliver graphs and statistical data as they appear in color textbooks. The PRIZM gets a new, modern body design, offers high resolution color graphics and gives students the opportunity to plot graphs over background image curves and then discover the math functions used to create them.  Read More

Texas Instruments releases TI-Nspire calculator range

September 27, 2007 Forty years after the invention of the first portable calculator, Texas Instruments has released TI-Nspire - a product designed to provide up to four representations of a problem at one time in order to engender a deeper understanding of mathematical principles and - believe or not - help students get excited about math.  Read More

HP introduces powerful new Financial Calculator

Tuesday October 7, 2003: With 250 built-in functions including the ability to track more than 1,000 cash flows, calculate four types of depreciation or handle complex equations provided by the user, the 17bII+ is the most powerful financial calculator in HP's current line-up.  Read More

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