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Cadillac One

The new Cadillac One
 Image: Cadillac/GM

The United States will celebrate the inauguration of its 44th President tomorrow, and the President has a new set of wheels. Continuing a tradition that's almost as old as the automobile itself, President Barack Obama will cruise down Pennsylvania Avenue in an all-new Cadillac Presidential Limousine. The completely redesigned limo replaces the DTS Presidential Limousine introduced in 2004 and while official details of the car's drivetrain, on-board tech and armored capabilities of course remain top secret, speculation has it (possibly) equipped with five-inch thick bulletproof glass and high strength ceramic armor. We don't expect confirmation on these details any time soon, but it's safe to say that this rolling fortress incorporates the best in protection (and comfort) that modern bespoke automobile production has to offer.  Read More

George's new car - Cadillac ONE

January 27, 2005 No-one knows exactly what George W Bush's new car can do. At least, no-one who really knows is telling. TV news reports say it's missile-proof, which is probably isn't true, despite unconfirmed reports that the body armour is five inches thick (cos the windows obviously aren't). Indeed secrecy is so tight around the new hand-built Presidential limousine that no-one can say how much it cost, how many there are, or anything more than the following "cleared information."  Read More

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