Cabasse has launched a new addition to its high-end (and we're talking quite an altitude) Artis line of speakers with L’Océan. Based on the same distinctive War of the Worlds-style spherical enclosure and using the same 3-way coaxial drive unit as the flagship La Sphére, the L’Océan can reach sound pressure levels approaching that of a jet engine – 117dB with no distortion! Read More
French company Cabasse has redefined the notion of high-end loudspeakers with the creation of a speaker system that costs almost as much as a base model 2009 Ferrari F430. But for your UK£108,000 (US$176,000), you're buying a monumental engineering achievement - the world's only four-way, point source speaker system (more about that after the jump). This audio perfectionist's dream required a spherical enclosure - which means you also have to accept the fact that two giant, ugly eyeballs on sticks will be watching you enjoy some of the best audio reproduction, sound staging and stereo imaging the world has ever experienced. Read More
French speaker manufacturer Cabasse has unveiled the latest in their ever impressive family, the Eole 2 5.1 Speaker System. Taking its cue from the original Eole system, this second generation installment features five of the renowned spherical satellite speakers, as well as the compact Santorin subwoofer. Read More
August 11, 2007 Taking advantage of the research made in developing the La Sphere, winner of the Best Sound Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, the new 5.1 Eole system by Cabasse consists of five new spherical satellites and a very compact subwoofer. At a fraction of the cost of La Sphere, the new Eole system is sure to be a winner with home theatre and music enthusiasts alike. Read More