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Digital Cameras

2015 high-end mirrorless camera comparison guide

If you're looking for the latest in camera technology, mirrorless cameras are increasingly where it's at. High-end mirrorless shooters can now hold their own with top-notch image quality, features and build quality, often leaving their DSLR brethren looking bulky and out of date. Here Gizmag compares the key specs and features of some on the best mirrorless cameras on the market in 2015. Read More


Last minute stocking stuffers for the musician in your life

String-pickers, digital tunesmiths and bin bashers are not the easiest of folks to buy gifts for. Some are quite conservative and prefer tried and tested old tech while others are gearheads who like to gather in the latest, the novel and the bizarre just in case the need arises. And then there's the (often) eye-watering cost of instruments and accessories to consider. The holidays are almost upon us and a state of muso-related panic may now be setting in. Here are a few ideas that should hit the right note.Read More


Best drones on a budget: Buying guide

This coming holiday season will see a veritable swarm of drones unwrapped and unleashed upon the world. That may or may not be a good thing, but if you are looking to join this airborne horde and haven't yet decided where to spend your dollars or how many of those dollars to spend, the following list may be of assistance.
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Digital Cameras

The 6 best DSLR cameras for beginners (2015)

DSLRs aren't just the preserve of professional photographers and hobbyists who geek out over megapixels and ISO ratings, as they can also offer a great option for users who have outgrown their smartphone or compact camera. Here we look at some of the best DSLRs for beginners looking to up their photographic game.Read More

Home Entertainment

Best set-top boxes and streamers of 2015: Buying guide

From Netflix to iTunes and everything in between, there's now a plethora of services for delivering video over the web. Those TV shows and movies don't look their best on your 13-inch laptop though, which is why we've also seen a rise in the number of boxes, dongles and streamers built to get content from the internet up on the big screen in your living room. Join us as we break down the best streaming boxes and other streaming devices of 2015.Read More


The 11 best and most-wanted tech toys for Christmas 2015

Gone are the days when a spinning top or wind-up car were the pinnacle of toy technology. Nowadays kids expect their toys to connect to the internet, pair with smart devices, and let them join in the latest tech trends, often before their parents. To help you (and Santa) keep up, here's Gizmag's guide to the 11 best tech toys which are expected to be hits this Christmas. Read More


Best fitness trackers of 2015: Buying guide

Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight, or just monitor your activity levels, a fitness tracker can be a great starting point, but picking the right one can be difficult. Here Gizmag looks at the things to consider when selecting the right tracker for you, and runs through our selection of the best fitness trackers available in 2015.Read More


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