It's hard to think of a better travel garment than a big, oversized hooded sweatshirt. It's super-comfortable, warm, and easy to take off when you're frying in the stale, recycled air of a plane. Burton takes the hooded sweatshirt to a new level of travel-friendliness, by adding some key elements that include an integrated pillow. Read More
August 4, 2006 Motorola and Burton Snowboards this week announced the expansion of their joint Audex wearable electronics collection at the 2006 Burton New Zealand Open Snowboarding Championships. Available at select Burton Authorized Retailers this month, the new 2007 Audex collection offers the ultimate blend of technology and snowboard function, enabling easy wireless communication and music entertainment for consumers on the move. New for 2007, the Audex Bluetooth Stereo System allows consumers to stream downloaded music wirelessly from a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to the Audex jacket allowing users to listen to music and make calls with a push of a button on the jacket sleeve. Outerwear styles that feature this system include built-in DJ-style speakers in the hood and/or an integrated headphone jack. Read More
January 23, 2006 UPDATED IMAGE LIBRARY Motorola and Burton Snowboards have announced the commercial availability of the Bluetooth-enabled Audex Jacket Series. Jointly developed by Motorola and Burton to bring wearable technology to active consumers, the new Audex jacket allows winter sports enthusiasts to experience seamless connectivity -- at the touch of a button -- from one environment to the next. At the center of the Audex jacket is a control panel located on the left-hand sleeve, allowing for simple and easy access to your incoming and outgoing calls, and music selections. Connect a compatible Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the panel wirelessly, while hooking up your iPod player via hidden, unobtrusive wires within the jacket. Speakers and a microphone are located in the hood for taking and making calls as well as listening to music. Read More
March 16, 2005 Snowmobile manufacturer Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), has signed an agreement of cooperation with snowboard manufacturer Burton Snowboards, with a view to expanding their product line to appeal to the snowboarding community. Burton is very savvy youth marketing company that we've written up several times in Gizmag for their innovative approach - in January the company unveiled a Bluetooth snowboarding jacket, helmet and beanie - and the benefits to both parties might yiled some highly innovative products. Read More
LAS VEGAS 9 January 2005 Next winter, the world's snowboarders will add another "trick" to their repertoire with the ability to switch between their iPOD playlist and incoming calls in mid-air thanks to three new products from Motorola and Burton Snowboards. Launched at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, these Bluetooth-enabled jackets, helmets and beanies will provide wireless, high-performance connectivity and playability on the slopes for the 2006 winter season. Read More