Breitling B55 Connected watch puts smartphone at its service

Is the mobile phone threatening to kill off the wristwatch? Not if Swiss watchmaker Breitling has anything to say about it. With an apparent motto of "if you can't be 'em, then make 'em work for you," the Breitling B55 Connected combines smartwatch technology with haute horlogerie in a partnership where the phone serves the watch instead of the other way round.Read More


Breitling Emergency II watch doubles as a satellite emergency beacon

Emergency beacons are great insurance for aviators and sailors, but they aren't worth much if a disaster leaves you in one place and the beacon in another. Just to be safe, you might as well strap the beacon to your wrist, which is what the Breitling Emergency II does. The Swiss-made wrist chronograph watch provides those who travel in remote, risky places with a dual-channel emergency satellite transmitter that activates with a twist and a yank.Read More

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The best new watches from BaselWorld 2012

BASELWORLD, held in Basel Switzerland, is an annual watchmakers and jewelers exhibition where over 100,000 buyers from all over the world descend to check out the coming year's new product. Literally hundreds of new watches are launched at the fair from dozens of manufacturers including big-hitters Rolex, Hublot, Breitling, Patek Phillipe, Tissot and Glashutte. We've assembled a gallery of the most notable releases in 2012, which includes the most innovative, most beautiful, most expensive and most ugly ... and the last two categories are embodied by the same watch!Read More


Jetman Yves Rossy gets up close and personal with Breitling Wingwalkers

We last checked in with Jetman Yves Rossy late last year when his attempt to complete the first intercontinental jetpack flight from Morocco to Spain unfortunately fell short. However, that setback hasn’t deterred Rossy, who has spent the time since developing and testing a fast extracting pyrotechnic parachute and a lighter and more powerful jet-propelled wing. The new “delta wing” is designed to allow take-off from the ground and provide more freedom to realize aerobatic maneuvers, which no doubt came in handy on his latest airborne undertaking – performing some precision formation flying alongside the Breitling Wingwalkers.Read More

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Breitling for Bentley

April 4, 2006 Please forgive us - BaselWorld 2006 is currently happening and we’re suckers for a bit of classy bling and it don’t come classier or blingier than the “Breitling for Bentley” collection, the latest of which is this original red gold rectangular watch, featuring the British motoring marque's historic emblem on the back. Shown for the first time at the world's largest watch and jewelery fair, the sophisticated character of this new exceptional timekeeper is enhanced by its imposing size - it could never be mistaken for a womens watch. If Ian Fleming were alive today, 007 might just find himself wearing one of these. The refined dial features an original display thanks to the jumping hours mechanism and the seconds indicator on a small off-centre dial. Also available in white gold and steel. Read More


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