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The world's largest motorcycle manufacturer considers Ducati purchase

If you've been having trouble comfortably wrapping your brain cells around the concept of what were once proud national symbols of excellence changing countries, such as the Malaysian-owned Lotus, the Chinese-owned Saab and MG or the Indian Jaguar and Range Rover, then please be seated before reading further. It seems that India's Hero MotoCorp, the world's largest manufacturer of both bicycles and motorcycles is considering the purchase of Italy's deeply loved manufacturer of sports motorcycles, Ducati. Read More
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Bosch's 10 billionth spark plug rolls off the production line

By - July 2, 2007 14 Pictures
July 3, 2007 The humble spark plug is an engineering solution that has now stood the test of over 100 years production. One of the earliest patents for the spark plug was taken out by Robert Bosch in 1898, and the Bosch company was the first to produce the commercially viable high-voltage spark plug that made internal combustion engines possible. A century later, as an extraordinary 10 billionth spark plug rolls off the Bosch production line, the company has become a global powerhouse with interests in automotive parts and systems, power tools, building, packaging and safety, not to mention the invention of ABS braking and traction control systems. And with Bosch fuel injection feeding both the Audi and Peugeot diesel racecars that finished first and second at Le Mans, the company seems set to play a key role in the high-powered, fuel-efficient second coming of the diesel engine - and it's all built on the success of the modest spark plug. Read More
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A new type of parking assistant - parking space measurement from Bosch

By - December 13, 2006 1 Picture
December 14, 2006 Touch parking, the method of parking employed inevitably across the world’s crowded urban canyons by millions of people a day, could become a thing of the past. Judging the size of a parking space – whether a car can actually fit in the available space - is one of the keys to successful parking and a new invention from Bosch will offer just that facility. The Citroen C4 Picasso has become the world's first car to feature integrated parking space measurement. The Bosch driver assistance system tells the vehicle's driver whether the prospective parking space is long enough for the car. The parking space measurement in the C4 Picasso is based on the Bosch parking assistant, which helps drivers avoid shunting other cars and obstacles while parking. Besides the standard four ultrasound sensors on the vehicle front and rear, two extra sensors have been added for parking space measurement, one on either side of the front bumper. Read More
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Bosch and LEGO create a new dishwasher that also cleans plastic playthings

By - October 30, 2006 3 Pictures
October 31, 2006 Lego’s colourful interlocking plastic bricks are one of the most successful toys of all time, no doubt offering early inspiration to many successful architects, designers and creative thinkers. How successful? Well, on average, everyone on earth possesses 52 LEGO bricks and the design is soon to celebrate its 50th birthday. Now Lego is entering a new phase of cooperation with an equally well-known brand in the form of Bosch – the two recently announced a partnership to create the first dishwasher for plastic toys and dishes. Thanks to the specially developed LEGO 40 °C wash program, building blocks, rattles and other playthings can be gently washed to remove all the germs gathered during active duty on the floor. The LEGO bricks can be washed in a special removable storage basket in the shape of a red “ToyBox” which sits securely in the bottom basket. Read More

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