BA's new first class cabin is the stuff of Dreamliners

When British Airways' (BA) new 787-9 Dreamliner begins flying, it will be among the most technologically advanced planes in the company's fleet. For passengers in first class, it will also be among the most exclusive. There will be just eight seats compared to 14 on BA's other long-haul aircraft.Read More


Boeing patents a drone that turns into a submarine

Boeing has been given a patent for a new kind of amphibious drone that's like something straight out of a classic spy movie. The aeronautics giant has a novel design for an unmanned aerial drone that can spontaneously convert into an unmanned submarine and go for a dive.Read More


NASA selects astronauts for first US commercial launch

NASA has announced the names of the first astronauts to ride into space aboard the first generation of commercial spacecraft that will return manned launch capabilities to American soil. With the selection process complete, the astronauts are set to begin a stringent training program in preparation for the 2017 launch of Boeing's CST-100 spacecraft.Read More


In pictures: Paris Air Show 2015

The 51st edition of the Paris Air Show got off to a rather gloomy start, with a gray sky threatening to spoil all the static and in-the-air fun. Thankfully, the rain never appeared and Gizmag joined spirited show-goers for a gawk at some splendid show spectacles.Read More


Lotus leaf-inspired aircraft wing coating may repel bugs to ease fuel consumption

Splattered insects may seem like the least of your worries when you're tearing through the air at more than 500 mph (800 km/h), but for those working with Boeing's ecoDemonstrator 757 they present a pretty unique opportunity. NASA has carried out testing of a series of non-stick coatings on the aircraft's wings, finding that one inspired by lotus leaves showed good potential to shrug off blasts of bug guts to lessen drag and, by extension, ease the consumption of fuel.Read More


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