BMW says self-driving i NEXT will be available in 2021

From Audi to Volvo, the world's automakers are pushing hard to have their autonomous cars ready for general consumption, but BMW's CEO has just given one of the clearest indications yet of when we can first expect to give up the steering wheel. Speaking at a shareholder meeting this week, Harald Krüger said the Bavarian giant would have an autonomous vehicle called the i NEXT on the road by 2021. Read More

Motorcycles Review

2016 BMW C650 Sport and GT review: Hunting sportsbikes on a maxi-scooter

BMW says its new C650 Sport and GT maxi-scooters represent its "urban mobility" range - but that seriously undersells the ability these things show on the open road. Sure, they're a great way to get passengers and luggage through city traffic, but with standard ABS and traction control, revised suspension and a focus on sporty handling, the C650 is more than capable of bagging sportsbike scalps in the twisties. Loz Blain went hunting.Read More

Automotive Review

BMW X1 xDrive 25i: The consummate all-rounder

Not even BMW, a brand built around the slogan "ultimate driving machine," has been able to avoid the pull of front-wheel drive. It started with a minivan – the Series 2 Active Tourer – but the space-saving tech has quickly spread across to BMW's smallest SUV. So, is the X1 worth the sticker price and can a roomy family SUV really be built on the skinny carcass of the Mini Cooper? After spending a week in the xDrive25i, we have some answers.Read More


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