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2016 BMW C650 Sport and GT review: Hunting sportsbikes on a maxi-scooter

BMW says its new C650 Sport and GT maxi-scooters represent its "urban mobility" range - but that seriously undersells the ability these things show on the open road. Sure, they're a great way to get passengers and luggage through city traffic, but with standard ABS and traction control, revised suspension and a focus on sporty handling, the C650 is more than capable of bagging sportsbike scalps in the twisties. Loz Blain went hunting.Read More

Automotive Review

BMW X1 xDrive 25i: The consummate all-rounder

Not even BMW, a brand built around the slogan "ultimate driving machine," has been able to avoid the pull of front-wheel drive. It started with a minivan – the Series 2 Active Tourer – but the space-saving tech has quickly spread across to BMW's smallest SUV. So, is the X1 worth the sticker price and can a roomy family SUV really be built on the skinny carcass of the Mini Cooper? After spending a week in the xDrive25i, we have some answers.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: A week with the not-so-mini 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

The full redesign BMW did on the Mini Clubman for 2016 has done a lot to make this more versatile version of the Cooper series a lot more useful in the real world. The Clubman is larger in both girth and length, adding a lot more interior space and improving handling a bit. But there are some losses, most notably in acceleration and the car's driving nature. The Clubman, though, retains enough of the Mini brand's core nature to continue to appeal to Cooper fans who might need more than a tiny coupe.Read More

Premium carmaker turns premium car-sharer

A number of new car-sharing services have been announced of late, not least by carmakers looking to diversify, like GM and Hyundai. BMW is the latest to get in on the act and it's seeking to differentiate its new service by loading it with additional features in what it calls "car-sharing 2.0."Read More

BMW's Personal Mobility Companion is part navigation system, part personal assistant

As networked features work their way into our cars, the world's big manufacturers are working hard to pass the benefits of constant communication between vehicles on to owners. BMW used Microsoft's Build event to launch a new Personal Mobility Companion app, designed to learn about drivers' commutes and apply traffic information to let them know when to leave home for arrival at their destination at just the right time. Read More


BMW 7 Series Master Class and Solitaire are all about exclusivity

No one has accused the new 7 Series of being low rent or lacking in luxurious touches, but that hasn't stopped BMW's Individual Manufactory department from developing two ultra-exclusive versions of the limousine. With paintwork that incorporates fine glass flakes, diamond trim and lush floormats, the Master Class and Solitaire Edition 7 Series serve to show the huge range of options available to buyers with a taste for the finer things.Read More


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