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Stick-on device transforms helmets into wireless speakers

Wearing a safety helmet while engaging in sports generally eliminates the enjoyment and/or convenience of also listening to music. But one new device now taking pre-orders presents a safe way to experience wireless audio while hitting the streets, trails, or slopes. Domio is designed to stick to the outside of helmets, transforming the shells into echo chambers through the use of micro-vibration technology.Read More

Around The Home

Amazon's new Echo Dot and Tap make Alexa more portable ... sort of

Amazon wants to make it easier to add its voice-controlled assistant, Alexa, to any room in the home by offering a pair of new, smaller versions of Amazon Echo, the original tabletop Bluetooth speaker inhabited by Alexa. Echo Dot and Amazon Tap are both smaller than the original Echo and Tap is even portable, but was too much sacrificed in the design to keep them from being the next go-to digital assistant?Read More

Music Review

Review: Marshall’s Stockwell speaker is more glam than jam

From the top-of-the-line Woburn speaker to the experimental London smartphone, Marshall Headphones offers audio for everyone in a range of prices and power. It was only until recent that the Kilburn was the company's most portable speaker. With Marshall's latest release, users now have a backpack-friendly option for music on-the-go. We spent the past weeks rocking out with the Marshall Stockwell to see if big things still come in small packages.Read More


Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush "oceanproof" speaker shreds waves and snow

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers can get outside and play music at the beach, campground or poolside. Not as many are purpose-built for paddling into the waves and catching the big one, though. Designed to stand up against rolling saltwater, shock and other hazards of the great outdoors, the Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush speaker can mount to your surfboard or snowboard and bring the tunes along for the ride.
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