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The upgradable, recyclable Bloom laptop concept

By - November 5, 2010 5 Pictures
It’s a given that we will one day be discarding our present laptop computers. It’s also a given that e-waste is currently a huge problem, that looks like it’s only going to get worse. While most of the materials in a laptop can be recycled, all of those pieces of glass, metal, plastic and circuitry are stuck together pretty tight, and require a lot of time and effort to separate. What is needed are laptops that are designed to be taken apart, for easy recycling – that’s why a group of graduate students from Stanford University made one. Read More
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Bloom’s Fresco Fiamma – Ferrari red, funky and fabulous

By - September 17, 2009 7 Pictures
The design team that brought us the Alma crib has taken their Fresco baby chair to the furniture equivalent of an auto-mechanic shop, lacquering it in new-car-quality high-gloss red and adding an extra design function. The limited edition Fresco Fiamma was rolled out by the four designer dads behind Bloom to celebrate the company’s third birthday. The global production has been limited to 1,100 units that come individually inscribed with a unique model number. Read More
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Bloom's Alma: a contemporary crib for baby

By - June 24, 2009 2 Pictures
When parents-to-be begin looking for a crib for their new baby, it can be a little confusing. Do they start with a cradle like the Hushamok or are they best to put baby straight into a full-size crib? Is it important that the crib fits in with their existing décor and can it be moved from room to room? A new crib from Bloom might help end that elusive and often frustrating search. Alma Urban is a contemporary, wooden folding crib that will sleep baby from newborn to two years, can be moved in minutes and because of its minimalist design, should suit even the most fastidious home-decorator. Read More
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Bloom’s Fresco chair grows with your child

By - January 24, 2008 11 Pictures
January 25, 2008 The European design team at Bloom has created the Bloom Fresco contemporary chair that grows with your child. With a funky egg-shape and dazzling colors such as rosy pink and bermuda blue, this chair won’t clash with your existing kitchen décor and you’ll be able to use it for years. The Bloom Fresco starts as a cradle from birth to six months, it then transforms into a high chair and finally becomes a play chair suitable for children from 36 months up to 36 kg/79 lbs. Read More

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