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Bloodhound SSC

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Jaguar upgrades the XJR for Bloodhound land speed record support

By - June 19, 2015 15 Pictures

With past debuts like the Project 7, Jaguar remains one of the local British brands intent on keeping the "speed" in the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. This year, it's shining the spotlight on a more extreme side of speed, and its presence promises to be one of the big highlights of the event. It will be showing several fast, pretty cars from its present and past, including the all-new XJR Rapid Response Vehicle. The specially prepared performance sedan is built to support the Bloodhound SSC in its quest to break the land speed record.

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Designing supersonic wheels for the Bloodhound Supersonic Car

By - March 19, 2015 12 Pictures
If the Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) team makes good in its attempt to break the land speed record, the car will be traveling at 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h). At such speeds, the wheels will be spinning so fast that hitting even the smallest pebble could be catastrophic. To protect both the car and the driver, the designers of Bloodhound have had to come up with some high-tech answers to building the wheels and protecting against their failure. Read More
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Bloodhound Supersonic Car group tests hybrid rocket engine

By - December 10, 2014 6 Pictures
Britain's Bloodhound team has taken a slow-but-steady approach toward its goal of breaking the world land speed record, but it appears to be paying off. Bloodhound, along with its partner, the Norwegian/Finnish aerospace and defense group, Nammo, have successfully tested a large hybrid solid/liquid rocket engine at Nammo's test facility in Norway. Described as the "latest in the evolution of hybrid rocket motor technology," it's one of three power plants that will be used by the Bloodhound Supersonic Car when it makes its record attempt in 2016. Read More
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Cockpit revealed for Bloodhound supersonic car

By - June 13, 2014 8 Pictures
Unveiled at a special event in Bristol, UK, the Bloodhound land speed team showed off the cockpit that will be driver Andy Green’s "office" for his record attempt run in 2015 and 2016. Although Green holds the current world land speed record of 763 mph (1,227 km/h), the challenges in attempting to break the 1,000 mph (1,600 km/h) barrier will be significant for both pilot and the design team. Read More
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Bloodhound supersonic car goes old school with Rolex analog instruments

By - May 8, 2014 13 Pictures
Digital electronic displays are a tremendous asset until they give out, then you end up staring at a blank screen having no idea what’s going on. That’s bad enough sitting at a desk, but in a supersonic car blasting across the South African desert, it’s brown trousers time. To avoid this, watch manufacturer Rolex has developed a pair of bespoke analog instruments as backups for the Bloodhound SSC, the jet-powered car being built for an attempt to set a new world land speed record of 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h). Read More
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3D printing to help Bloodhound SSC break 1,000 mph

By - August 13, 2013 5 Pictures
The Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) team from the UK is continuing its journey towards claiming the world land speed record. After testing its rocket engine last year, the team has turned to 3D printing technology for another critical part of the high speed vehicle – a tip that, if all goes well, will be the first part of the car to break through the 1,000 mph (1,610 km/h) mark in 2015. Read More
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Update: BLOODHOUND rocket engine successfully test fired

By - October 3, 2012 2 Pictures
A 1,000 mph (Mach 1.4, 1,600 km/h) car came a step closer to reality today when the BLOODHOUND SSC team successfully test fired the vehicle’s rocket motor system. Conducted in a hardened aircraft shelter originally designed to house Tornado fighters at Newquay Cornwall Airport, the hybrid rocket motor burned for ten seconds, generating 14,000 lbs (60 kN, 40,000 bhp) of thrust and a roar of 180 decibels. Read More
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BLOODHOUND car's rocket system to be tested

By - October 1, 2012 10 Pictures
On Wednesday, Britain’s BLOODHOUND team will take the next step in their attempt to break the land speed record when they test Europe’s largest hybrid rocket engine at the Aerohub, located at Newquay Cornwall Airport. The static test for the BLOODHOUND SSC car’s rocket system will be the largest rocket fired in Britain in 20 years and, if successful, will open the way toward building a car capable of doing 1,000 mph (Mach 1.4, 1,600 km/hr). Read More

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