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Black & Decker puts new "motion-activated" twist on the cordless screwdriver

By - August 20, 2012 9 Pictures
Motion sensing technology is just about everywhere these days. It allows smartphone or tablet gamers to control onscreen action (or even pilot an RC airplane) by tilting or twisting the device, can help feed the digital music muse and gives personal transport innovations like the Lit C-1 the ability to stand upright all by themselves. Now it's the turn of the powered screwdriver to break into this exciting and magical realm with the launch of the Gyro 4V MAX Lithium-ion Rechargeable Screwdriver from Black & Decker. Read More
— Around The Home

Black & Decker to offer remotely lockable deadlocks

By - January 1, 2009 1 Picture
January 2, 2009 The advent of the automated or smart home is gathering momentum and acceptance in the community, and Pocket-Lint is reporting that Black & Decker is about to enter the smart deadlock marketplace. Black & Decker owns Quickset which recently released a range of keyless entry deadbolts as the SmartCode Signature Series (pictured) but the description offered by Pocket-Lint goes well beyond the capabilities of the current Quicket offerings. Apparently the new B&D motorised electronic deadbolts can be locked and unlocked remotely, mimicking the functionality of the recently acquired Z-Wave product which enables such remarkable initiatives as the Nokia Home Control Center. The product is due to launch this month so stay tuned. Read More
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Black & Decker goes green with three energy-saving products

By - December 9, 2008 6 Pictures
Black & Decker might be looking at a name change to Green & Decker with the announcement of three new Energy Saver Series products. The line consists of a Power Monitor to keep an eye on power consumption, a thermal leak detector to hunt down any leaks or drafts in the home, and an automated light switch that automatically turns lights on or off when you enter or leave a room. All devices that can help cut energy use – and energy bills as well. Read More
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Black&Decker Bullseye

By - September 3, 2003 1 Picture
Thursday September 4, 2003: The multi-purpose Black & Decker Bullseye is an effective electronic stud finder that also replaces conventional levels, string and a great deal of frustration with its laser level function. The hands-free laser level design enables the device to be left hanging on the wall at an anchor point while you align your shelving brackets, picture frames or tiles... Read More

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