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Quebec students aim to develop a more authentic snow bike

By - June 11, 2015 4 Pictures

Over the years, various manufacturers and inventors have tried different ways of putting "two wheels" to the snow. The rise of fat-tired mountain bikes, not to mention extreme Antarctic fat trikes, has been the biggest news in this area, but we've also seen recreational equipment like the KTrak and BikeBoards. A group of mechanical engineering students at Quebec's University of Sherbrooke is developing a new solution that aims for a smoother downhill ride by combining elements of existing winter bikes.

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— Automotive

The Velove Armadillo hauls cargo like a human-powered tractor trailer

By - April 30, 2015 13 Pictures
Of all the electric cargo cycles we've seen, including the Urban Arrow and 2X4, the Velove Armadillo promises the most pedal-assist cargo hauling capability. The four-wheeled platform supports a big, ol' cargo box or semi-trailer on the rear, making the typical two-wheel grocery getter look downright undersized. The pedaled quad is so cargo hungry, Velove believes it can replace the cargo van when transporting smaller loads over short distances. Read More
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Freespirit rides the open road with lightweight Spitfire XT motorcycle/small car camper

By - April 29, 2015 22 Pictures
Motorcycle camping trailers are out there, but they're not as common a sight on roadways as car and truck camping trailers. In fact, we didn't notice a single motorcycle trailer at last year's Overland Expo, a show split neatly between off-road campers and adventure motorcycles. Perhaps we should have traveled to Bend, Oregon, instead. That's the birthplace of the new Freespirit Spitfire XT, a rig that carries a pop-up tent and storage box behind any capable bike or small car. Read More

Mazda unveils concept bike and sofa designs

Japanese carmaker Mazda has applied its Kodo design philosophy to two new artworks. The firm has unveiled its Bike by Kodo and Sofa by Kodo concepts as part of Milan Design Week. The designs seek to portray the "effortless and powerful" movement of wild animals. Read More
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Ford's experimental e-bikes connect with car and rider

By - March 5, 2015 29 Pictures
Ford used Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to unveil two new e-bike concepts that help define its vision for a connected transport future where cars form just one part of a multi-mode travel eco-system. The MoDe:Me and MoDe:Pro are the result of a competition run amongst the company's employees with the aim of finding e-bike designs that make a connected journey more efficient, safer, healthier and less stressful. Read More

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