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BERU f1systems

Beru f1systems Factor 001

It weighs just 7.4kg, it's custom-built to the exact dimensions of the buyer and boasts the most advanced design and electronics system ever seen on a bicycle... and it's yours for a cool £21,995 (approx US$36K). Beru f1 systems Factor 001 bicycle is definitely at the high-end of high-end when it comes to two-wheeled transport. The company has turned its expertise in motorsport to the humble bicycle and produced a finely tuned machine that includes 8-spoke monocoque carbon composite wheels and a lightweight composite frame designed using modeling software borrowed from Formula One.  Read More

The world’s most advanced bicycle to be unveiled

We first reported on the high performance bicycle being created and built by F1 engineering specialists, BERU f1systems in December. Now we can disclose the bike will be fully revealed next week at the launch of the U.K. Science Museum’s free exhibition “Fast Forward: 20 ways F1 is changing our world” The UKP20,000 Factor 001 is much more than a bicycle, and is actually a ground-breaking training tool combining innovative design and advanced electronics. The company claims the Factor 001 will change the way athletes and serious enthusiasts undertake fitness training.  Read More

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