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Belkin FLIP shares one monitor, keyboard and mouse (and two speakers) between two computer...

March 29, 2006 We often look at Belkin’s product offerings with respect – their product development team often comes up with clever solutions for providing seamless electronics integration between home, car and mobile and the execution has always been sound. Now here’s another ripsnorter! The new Belkin Flip lets you share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two computers, allowing business professionals to take home their work laptop and easily plug it into their home setup or a dozen other scenarios.  Read More

Belkin CableFree USB Hub enables instant wireless use of USB devices

January 14, 2006 Belkin's new CableFree USB Hub is the first USB Hub that does not require a cable to connect to the computer. This Hub allows people to place their laptop anywhere in the room while still maintaining wireless access to their USB devices, such as printers, scanners, hard drives, and MP3 players. This is the first UWB-enabled product to be introduced in the U.S. market.  Read More

Belkin TuneStage wirelessly connects your iPod to your entertainment system

June 4, 2005 Belkin's new TuneStage for iPod is a device that allows you to play the songs from your iPod through your home theatre wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. With a transmitter connected to your iPod and a receiver hooked up via RCA or 3.5mm to your system, TuneStage offers reliable, high-quality sound without cables. The TuneStage fits all-size iPod devices with a dock connector and will be available in Q3 2005 at a price around US$180. Wirelessly connected through TuneStage, your iPod becomes the ultimate remote, giving you absolute control of your music. Since the unit draws power directly from the iPod, it needs no batteries or extra cables.  Read More

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