Belkin releases Switch-to-Mac Cable

Apple’s switch to Intel chips has proven to be a good move. Giving Macs the ability to run Windows and therefore Windows based applications has helped Mac sales almost triple in the past three years after a decade of stagnation. That equates to a sizeable number of people making the switch from Windows PCs to Intel based Macs. Recognizing this growing market, Belkin has released the Switch-to-Mac Cable, which provides a simple way to transfer files, settings, preferences, and more from a PC to a Mac. Read More

Home Entertainment

Belkin's FlyWire provides wireless HD AV

Available from January 2009, Belkin’s FlyWire wirelessly delivers uncompressed 1080p True Cinema HD content from Blu-ray players, receivers, video-game consoles, and set-top boxes to HDTVs and projectors. FlyWire operates in the open 5GHz band, and intelligently manages its own connection, adjusting frequency and power to avoid interference.Read More


Belkin BreakFree protects amplifiers and guitars

July 22, 2008 If you’ve ever owned an Apple laptop and experienced the plain practicality and common sense of the MagSafe magnetic power cord connector, which detaches under extreme tension, you’ll understand our excitement at Belkin’s announcement of its new BreakFree adapters for amplifiers and guitars. The connectors are designed to eliminate the popping that occurs when cables are unplugged from a live amplifier. Read More

Mobile Technology

Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter for camera phones

December 6, 2007 It is estimated that 93 million camera phones will be sold by 2011* and while in-built camera technology has improved dramatically, the process of transferring images from your phone to your PC can still be little complicated. Belkin's latest solution is a Bluetooth USB Adapter that wirelessly transfers full-resolution photos from your camera phone directly to your PC.Read More


Belkin TuneStudio for iPod

November 16, 2007 An attractive option for bands chasing a simple, portable solution for capturing jam-sessions or podcasters aiming to enhance audio quality, Belkin’s 4-channel audio mixer enables the recording of high-quality digital sound directly to iPod.Read More


The first washable computer mouse and the very clever mouse trap

June 29, 2007 Kurzweil’s Law (aka “the law of accelerating returns”) suggests that in an evolutionary process, positive feedback increases order exponentially, meaning that the speed and cost-effectiveness of a process increase exponentially over time, both for biology and technology. It’s a complex way of saying that we’re seeing unprecedented (20,000 years of change this century) and accelerating change, and in part explains the remarkable oversight that Belkin’s new washable mouse overcomes. With such rapid penetration of new technology, we’re bound to overlook some of the possibilities. For example, 13% of all people are left-handed, yet the first mouse designed just for left handed computer users was not created until 2006. The computer has invaded our world so quickly that 80% of Americans use a computer daily, all handling a mouse that until now, never gets cleaned. Read More


Belkin Network USB Hub makes your USB devices wireless

May 18, 2007 Belkin have announced their Network USB Hub, which works in conjunction with an existing wireless router to provide wireless connectivity to five USB devices. While certain high-bandwidth devices like HD webcams are out of the question, the more common applications like printers, scanners and external hard drives are all compatible. Read More


Belkin's CushTop and PocketTop offer comfort when using your laptop anywhere

September 13, 2006 Using a laptop away from a desk can result in some pretty ugly scenes – there’s a reason you don’t see too many people curled up with a laptop. As usual, if there’s a company likely to apply a bit of lateral thought to improving the situation, it’s Belkin. The company’s new CushTop and PocketTop enable you to use your laptop comfortably while on your couch, bed or floor. The US$40 CushTop acts as a cushion, providing padded comfort between your laptop and your lap. The US$50 PocketTop acts as a case and mobile workstation, providing a built-in cooling pad and storage space for laptop accessories. Both will ship in North America in November, with launches in Asia, Europe and Australia to follow prior to Santa coming (apologies to all those who don’t believe in Santa). Read More


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